"Mustelids? What the fuck are those?" You may say. Simply put, they are wolverines, badgers, fisher cats... The kinds of animals you name superheros with claws after.

Just The Facts

  1. Some of the world's cutes animals are mustelids, like ferrets and otters.
  2. On the same note, so are some of the world's scariest animals, like honey badgers, wolverines and skunks
  3. The point is, a small fraction of them are cuddly, while the rest will chew your throat out and foul your corpse so no one else wants it.

Cracked on Mustelids

When you think of "dangerous predators", most people think of things like tigers, wolves and rednecks; Not adorable little scamps known for their cute antics (otters), smelly cat wannabes (skunks) or cute little ferrets, but all of them are mustelids, and deep down inside, they are vicious predators related to animals that can kill Moose and Squirrel, they don't care which.

Yes, in the hands of a wolverine, both Rocky and Bullwinkle would not only get their asses kicked, but would wind up eaten or covered in mustelid shit to mark them and make them completely unpalatable to everything but a wolverine.