Fast & Furious 4

Fast cars nonstop racing fights and all over all badassness. Everything you want in a movie. Just not this one.

Just The Facts

  1. Some of the actor were uncoroperative....
  2. Same cars new paint

Why it sucked compared to the first one.

The Fast and the Furious.

Had it all the bitches the cars and the dumbass guy.

This picture still looks wierd as fuck.

The cars they actually talked about them giving ricers something to wet them self with.

Why it was better that it just was nissans,mazda, and anything japanese.

Plus the sick ass charger he add fucking owned the shit out of the supra.

Look ma no hands!!!

Why this one Lied on commericials

Dont Get your hopes up this is the most you will see of her.

Why this one was totally bull shit.


Jump I can Catch you its only 4 feet.

SInce when in the fuck did you know cars can go 60 in reverse. I must be driving the wrong fucking car.

What would of happened is she would fucking got owned by the pavement.

Lets get out of here!

Now you see why the two girls were hardly in the movie.

The gangsters were gonna have a field day on the crew


The first ten minutes give out the whole movie.