Jimmy John's

Jimmy John's is a franchise that started in the middle of nowhere, Charleston, Il. in 1983. They have been serving drunk college students since and are slowly making their way toward global domination (of the sandwich market).

The only place that's open at 3 am.

Just The Facts

  1. Jimmy John's was founded by a guy named Jimmy John.
  2. Drunk food shouldn't be this healthy.
  3. Seriously get some pizza or something.
  4. Why can't I get hot food here?
  5. They tear out the inside of the goddamn bread when they make your sandwich. Seriously.

Jimmy John's

Jimmy John's have slowly been building a name for themselves in the sandwich market over the years by appealing to drunk college students.

Drunk girls like sandwiches.

Typical Jimmy John's customers.

"The sandwiches are cold and hard to eat. Everything falls out when you bite into it." - a satisfied customer

Jimmy John's pride themselves on their speedy delivery.

Subs so fat you'll freak.

I'm freakin out man.

Cold Sandwiches

Cold sanwiches only.

They aren't kidding around either. When we started questioning them very heatedly why we couldn't get soup or a hot sandwich we were ejected from the building.