Vampires In Pimptown

"Vampires In Pimptown" is the second novel by James H. Lucas, the new champion of goofy humor and graphic horror.

Bitch better have my money. And some garlic for these vampire muthafuckas.

You wanna see this guy get bitch slapped? BUY THE BOOK!

Just The Facts

  1. "Vampires in Pimptown" is now available on
  2. Reading this book will get you laid.
  3. Maybe.


The offical summary from

Welcome to Pimptown, home of the largest prostitute population on Earth, where anyone can have a good time, for a price. Now, a "family" of vampires (the ancient and powerful Amon; Portia, with her fondness for the deliciousness of youth; the man-hating Jade and Tristan, the conflicted Mormon) have cast their eyes on Pimptown. Four pimps: Spaceman (in his silver suits and girls named for constellations), Fried Gold (short on stature, big on attitude), Doctor Bigg (old school and classy), and Vanilla Luuv (white boy poser) rise to the challenge to keep their pimp hands strong and kick some bloodsuckin' ass. Also in the mix are Detectives Saurkreem and Chives, two members of Pimptown's ludicrously corrupt police force, who are trying to find who is responsible for the wave of murders in Pimptown, or at least someone who can't afford a good lawyer. All of this comes together in a comedic romp full of blood, sex and Cadillacs. So grab your gators, put on your purple suit, sharpen a stake and get ready to Bitch Slap Evil.