Kate Middleton

She's been Prince William's on again off again girlfriend for a while and the rumours are flaring up about a possible engagement... again! If Will's pops the question, will she? won't she? - who am I kidding? Of course she would!

Kate's at a loss for cons...

...unless you count her uncle

Just The Facts

  1. She's after Will's family jewels
  2. It would appear she'll marry into the Royal family
  3. She's now on Prince Phillip's hit list

What's the big deal?

To the Brits she's a fairly big deal - she'll be the one who gets to dress up in fancy clothes and open parliament with William when he ascends to the throne. Unless of course this happens again: French Revolution Execution of Louis XVI

In which case her head will be the first to roll.

Either way there have been apparent leaks that William will be proposing soon, and of course it's a given she'll accept right?

Granted Williams started to look the spitting image of his uncle - Prince Edward:

Would you want to wake up next to that?

Further reports have suggested that even if Will does want to propose, the Queen and Prince Charles don't much like the idea of the marriage - not only is she without a title (effectively a commoner) but Charles thinks Wills should follow in his footsteps and sew his wild outs... look where that got him:

If it all goes tits up - I'm sure a few paparazzi can conveniently chase Kate off the road.