Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy is an American pop punk band started in 2001. They are mostly known for for their punny song titles and bassist Pete Wentz being a pre-teen girl mastabatory aid.

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Just The Facts

  1. As with most bands with each passing album they alienate the fans of the previous album.
  2. Most recently they pissed of the entire fan base with an ill conceived hip hop, punk fusion album.
  3. The current members are Pete Wentz (bass), Patrick Stump (rythym guitar, vocals), Joe Trohman (lead guitar) and Andy Hurley (drums)
  4. At the creation of this topic page the band has broken up, don't worry though they still love you.

Band history

Like almost every band ever Fall out boy was started by two friends namely Joe Trohman and Pete Wentz, both of whom were eager to make some quick money and enjoy the perks of being a rock star. While the pair were discussing music, Patrick Stump enquired as to the nature of this "band" they were constantly name dropping in an effort to attract women. Far from asking why the hell this total stranger had entered their conversation totally unanounced, they decided to let him audition for the band.

Originally auditioning to be a drummer Patrick astounded the others with his impressive vocal range which can often reach the ball shattering high notes. This has since been one of the bands major selling points along with the upbeat tempo and wildly contridictive lyrics.

The quality of the bands albums can be easily referenced by the appearence of Mr Stump after it's release.

A youthful and full of promising looking Patrick Stump after the release of the first album.

A more confident and still rather god damn handsome effort a few years later after the bands follow up album.

Ok he kind of isn't trying very hard here but still looks pretty good, taken after the third album.

A severe case of Vanilla Ice syndrome after the bands critically panned Folie a Deux album.

Radiating handsome once again after the bands indefinate hiatus.

Emo or not?

Like many a pop punk band before them Fall out boy have at one point or another being defined as "emo", now this isn't exactly a problem, any band that strays from the mainstream and has a member with tattoos and eyeliner can fit this description. It's how a band reacts to this definition that will shape how this suprisingly large sub-culture will react.

When this happens bands have 2 options.

1. Flip the fuck out and scream and bitch about how your music can't be confined to such a shitty, whiney genre and is deeper than most people can understand.

Result: Emo fans bitch about you online, many blogs are created in anger to your statements.

2. Embrace this lable, add it to your evergrowing list of genre's on your bands wikipedia page, start applying products to your hair and move on.

Results: Emo fans bitch about you online, many blogs are started in anger due to your arrival into the genre.

Fall out boy took the second option and bassist Pete Wentz was only too happy to take on all of the attributes normally concerned with the emo culture to satisfy fans and give pre-teen girls a pre Edward Cullen crush.

Thanks for taking one for the team

Musical style

The bands early work was praised for it's catchy lyrics, upbeat tempo and impressive vocal talent. More than anything we at cracked are impressed with the bands excellent use of puns and wordplay when naming their songs, most of which have nothing to do with the song itself, but they sure do sound clever.

Some examples include:

Don't You Know Who I Think I Am?

Reinventing the wheel, to run myself over

Champagne for My Real Friends, Real Pain for My Sham Friends

Snitches and Talkers Get Stitches and Walkers

As impressive as this is at cracked we are still disappointed at the lack of dick jokes and pictures of boobs they manage to shoe horn into their work.

See is it really that hard?

The name

The bands initially toured without a name, during their fourth show they asked the members of the audience if they could think of a name to suit the band. A member of the audience suggested Fall Out Boy after a minor simpsons character, apparently the suggestion of play the next fucking song wasn't heard by the band.

At Cracked we think obscure simpsons references are awesome but can't help but think the band could have come up with a more creative name like:

Dilated Pupils

Steel-Belted Radicals

Oedipus Sex

All of which were thought of by our wonderful, handsome and amazing purveyors in between writing cracked articles and sleeping with super models, as nothing is more rock and roll than sitting at your computer typing all day.