Evil Dead II

Ash Williams pwns Deadites: Round 2

Look at that chin. He could kill you with it.

I'd hit it.

That kooky hand.

Just The Facts

  1. The further zany adventures of Ash Williams.
  2. Ash loses a hand but gains self respect and a chainsaw.
  3. Have gun, will travel... to medieval england.


Before landing in Medieval England and kicking the shit out of Deadites with the help of a whole army… Ash Williams kicked the shit out of a bunch of demons in the modern day by himself, with one hand. Okay, he had a little bit of help and the other hand had a chainsaw over it but that still says a lot about how bad ass Bruce Campbell and his chin is.

The movie starts with a recap of Evil Dead, which if you'll remember had Ash and his honey, Linda staying at a cabin in the middle of nowhere with three other friends. However, in this recap it's just Ash and Linda which if you think about it is probably the most unrealistic thing about the movie because I don't know any woman that would willing go with me to a cabin in the middle of nowhere. At least not sober.

So, Ash finds this recorder that belonged to an archaeologist who discovered the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis (Book of the Dead). Before you ask, no, it's not a biography about Jerry Garcia. It's a book that unleashes the demons known as Deadites. Once Ash plays the recording, all hell breaks loose and Linda gets possessed. He quickly dispatches (fancy word for kills) her and dismembers her only to get bit by her possessed head. Yes, post mortem head.

The hand turns bad and tries to kill him so he does what any of us would do and cuts it off with a chainsaw while laughing. Yes, he laughs while removing his own hand. That's how bad ass Ash is.

What then?

Well, then other folks show up and they think Ash is a bad guy. When they throw him in the cellar, it awakens a Deadite down there and Ash is forced into mortal combat with her. After killing her and saving the day Ash has to deal with the archaeologist's daughter, Annie, her dude Ed and Jake and Bobby Jo, which are the hillbilly guides that brought them to the cabin. It appears that Annie has brought missing pages from the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis, pages that may be the key to dispelling the Deadites. Ash uses the chainsaw and attaches it to his wrist.

Did I mention that Bobby Jo and Jake may possibly be siblings/ cousins/ couple? I didn't? Shame on me. It has no bearing on plot but just might be the oddest relationship in the movie. Well that and the relationship between Bobby Jo and the woods.

Yeah, like that.

Anyhow, Ed gets possessed and Ash kills him then they try to dispel the evil using the missing pages. It opens a portal to Medieval times England. Not the restaurant but the real era and Ash is sucked in along with the Deadites.