Doom Patrol

The Doom Patrol: the most awesome super hero team no one's heard of.

The Doom Patrol, always ready in the event that someone calls them instead of the Justice League.

According to this image, the Doom Patrol smoked some pretty weird things in their day...

Animal-Vegetable-Mineral-Man looked as ridiculous as he sounded.

Just The Facts

  1. The Doom Patrol was made up of Negative Man, who can emit a cloud of negative energy shaped like himself for a minute at a time, Elasti-Girl, who's power to enlarge or shrink herself has absolutely nothing to do with Elasticity, The Chief, a genius confined to a wheelchair, Beast Boy, who turns into
  2. All 8 of the Doom Patrol's readers know that the X-Men ripped off the Patrol.

About the Doom Patrol:

The Doom Patrol was a superhero team made up of the "misfits" of society. One wonders why this team was in existence at all, because aren't all super heroes misfits? What made a girl who could grow or shrink at will more of a misfit than a man in a bat costume swinging from a grappling hook and swooping down on enemies? The original Doom Patrol comic went on for 121 issues, until the publisher decided there just wasn't enough money in it and the writes killed off the entire team in the last issue to bring some form of a conclusion to the story. Despite the fact that they are not famous enough to be "reborn", somehow they managed to come back to life and currently, there is a Doom Patrol comic being published. My answer to this is: zombies.

Perhaps the reason the Doom Patrol never caught on with general comic book readers is their utterly terrible villains. Who wants to read a comic book where the villain is called "The Candlemaker"? How evil can you get if your name implies that you build pillars of wax a dizzying 12 inches high for a living? And then there was Animal-Vegetable-Mineral-Man, who, according to Wikipedia, could "change any part of his body into the form of any animal, vegetable, or mineral, including combining several at once". One would thing he would lose his balance from being made completely of wood and tree bark on one side, while having a massive dinosaur head sticking out his other side. Another classic villain was "Mr. Nobody", which sounds like someone your 3 year old would blame for breaking that antique, $512 vase. But the heroes were just as strange. Negative "Man" seemed to have an additional power to shift from one gender to another, as there have been various incarnations of Negative Man where he became "Negative Woman". Elasti-Girl's powers had absolutely no relation to "elasticity" as we know it. Beast Boy, the sole popular member of the team, later went on to be part of the Teen Titans.

After the Doom Patrol came the X-Men, who ripped off everything the Doom Patrol did. Professor X, the wheelchair-bound leader, "paid homage" to the Chief, and Jean Grey, like Elasti-Girl was the only female on the team. For some reason the X-Men caught on a lot better than the Patrol.