Marvel Vs. Capcom

Many, many times have we wondered, "Could Magneto beat the shit out of M. Bison?". Thanks to Marvel vs. Capcom, we have an answer to that question (Yes. Yes he can).

Just The Facts

  1. Marvel Vs. Capcom is a series of awsome fighting games.
  2. There are two types of players for MvC: Face Rapists and Whiny Little Bitches


Fighting games were nothing new back in the mid 90's. There was a regular smorgasbord of titles to choose from, like King of Fighters, Samurai Showdown and of course the beloved classic Shaq Fu.

Certainly not the worst thing Mr. O'Neal has produced, but still, pretty damn bad

In the midst of all this, gaming titan Capcom decided to "fuck all that noise" and make something a little different. No, it wasn't another Super Turbo Extreme Hyper knockoff of Street Fighter II, though plenty more of those would pop up along the way. Instead, Capcom approached the comic gurus at Marvel Comics and asked if they would cool with going out for a night on the town. A few swigs of sake and one hell of a kegger later, both companies woke up to discover the metaphorical condom had broke, and nine months later the Japan only arcade game known as X-Men vs. Street Fighter was born.

Breaking the mold of unwanted results from one night of passion, the game went on to become a raging success. It drew in loads of coins and customers, most of whom came to live out their fantasies of punching Cyclops in the face so many times his head resembled the shape of a soup ladle.

Because, you know, fuck that guy

Like crackheads making their trips to Methadone, the fans wanted more. Another arcade machine hit Japan a year later titled Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter. Opting to zoom out a little bit on the Marvel side, the game included other non-X-Men heroes such as Spider-Man, Hulk and Captain America, but also included some odd inclusions like Ghost Rider's nemesis Blackheart and whatever the fuck a Shuma-Gorath is.

Give ya three guess why he's a hit in Japan, ladies

Shit Gets Real

The first game to actually be titled Marvel vs. Capcom came out in '98. Instead of having only Ryu and the gang to take the beating, Capcom brought in the whole family, including characters like Mega Man and Morrigan. It was also the first title to include the ability to summon assist characters, but essentially it was still two men or women to a fight.

Finally, Capcom and Marvel decided to go absolutely batshit insane and gave us Marvel vs. Capcom 2 in 1999. Unlike previous Vs. titles that had roughly 20 or so characters to choose from (including secret dudes), MvC2 had an eye blistering 56 characters to play with. Notables were half the damn Darkstalkers cast, a few Capcom unknowns (outside of Japan, anyway) like SonSon and Amingo, and long awaited Marvel characters like Gambit, Silver Samurai and Iron Man.

Don'tsayitdon'tsayitdon'tsayit-HE'S GOT ABS OF STEEL!!!-God.....damnit....

To make things a bit more interesting, the game had three on three tag team matches as it's only game option, enableing players to make literally hundreds of different fighting teams and styles.

And yet everyone always ends up picking Cable

The game's been out for over a decade now and folks are still playing it, weither it be on the Dreamcast, PlayStation or the recent re-release over the Xbox Live Arcade. Also thanks to that ten year timespan, there are people out there who litterally rape others via kicking thier asses in a video game. So yeah, thanks for that contribution to society, Capcom.

Fucking CABLE!!!!

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is on the way, and Capcom has gone record that the game's roster will be trimmed to around 30 or so characters. Only a handful of characters have been confirmed, but one that has been confirmed is our old buddy Deadpool, who has a special attack where he beats his opponet with his health bar. With. His. Health. Bar.

Consider us sold on the project, Capcom!