Icy Tower

Icy tower is a freeware game about jumping... and falling, don't forget falling.

This is how it starts.

This is how it ends.

Just The Facts

  1. The entire point of the game is move your character up levitating platforms to reach the top of a tower. There is no top of the tower.
  2. On the addiction scale, Icy tower sits somewhere between crack cocaine and heroin.
  3. Similar to life: you cannot win, you can only continue
  4. Though they haven't died yet, there is a reserved spot in the lowest level of Hell for the games creators.
  5. It's a good idea to plan ahead and schedule your intervention BEFORE downloading the game.

Icy Tower

I should start by saying that this article is taking two more hours than it should to write because i have Icy tower running.

This little game is like an oversimplified Mario. Basically, you control a small guy with a blue hat named Harold the Homeboy. You can tell Harold to jump, go left, go right, and.... no thats it. Your goal: go up. Sounds easy. With only three buttons to press, you'd expect the game to be easy right? WRONG! After playing for ten minutes, you will have seen "Game Over" flash across the screen so many times that the image will burn into your retinas.

You see, every minute or so, the game speeds up. Eventually, the only way to keep up is to start doing combos. The problem is, combos completely negate your control over Harold. Therefore, many combos end in Harold missing the next platform "by this | | much."

While by now, you've thoroughly assured everyone that you can quite whenever you want to, it's becoming painfully obvious that you aren't just going to play "one more." You Sir/Madam are now officially hooked, doomed to jump, fall, and repeat for all eternity!

Luckily for you, There are three ways out of the Icy tower cycle.
The easiest way is to wait for a blackout or for the electric company to kill the power.
Or you could wait for a family member or friend to step in and save your sorry ass.
But, most likely, you will eventually just stop.

Fortunately , there really is no incentive to keep playing. You will eventually either grow too bored or pissed off to hit that "Play Again" button one more time. Without any kind of achievement or reward system in place, your addiction is limited to how long you want to be brain-dead. Besides, what's the point of playing a video game if you can't beat your friends? Icy Tower is single player and it's not like they added some way to compare scores with people over the internet right? Oh wait...