-Under Construction-Animals are the most obvious living things on the planet, though not all of them are equally easy to get a picture of.

No animals were harmed in the making of this film...but try explaining that cartoon deer aren't real to a shrieking three year old.

Just The Facts

  1. Some animals eat plants, some eat other animals, and some eat anything as long it doesn't take very long to cook.
  2. Animals are usually divided into vertibrates and invertibrates, based on what kind of skeleton they have.
  3. Disney has a lot of animals, but most of them talk or wear clothes. It's probably the equivalent yet opposite thing from being a furry.
  4. Furries are people who find animals sexually attractive, and usually dres up in costumes or write horrible comics and "slash" fiction online. Scary.
  5. Most people who like animals just like them as friends. That's probably a much better idea.

Animals and Humans

"Animals are our friends...but they won't pick us up at the airport." - Bobcat Goldthwait

Animals are all those things running around that aren't humans or robots. Depending where you live, there will be different kinds of animals. In rural Virginia, you may get squirrels in your front yard. In rural Australia it will probably be poisonous snakes and jellyfish-scorpion thing with a taser. Some animals are definitely more cute than others, though pretty much all of them do interesting things.

Individual humans tend to view different animals differently. Some seem to be good as pets. Some seem to be good as lunch. Some are viewed as pests. Some are viewed by way of quick glances over the shoulder while running.

Feeding animals is usually fun, but not always. As science has learned from watching cartoons, bears like picnic baskets and will implement elaborate plans to get them.

"Exactly how much longer will it take to unpack your van? I'm sitting and waiting...damn...need some food here..."

This is not an animal, nor is it mechanical. It is also not safe for children or old people. It is a pretty kickass CD though.