Your Guide To Disney Animation

Walt Disney Studios; responsible for the iconic, American animations and various musical vomit. However, I assure you, this article will not cover the latter.

Totally not ripped off of a children's board game.

Cracked on Disney

If you're reading this article, Disney films were more than likely a staple of your bygone childhood. What you may not know though, is how generic the plot of each Disney animation is. Disney started making animated films in 1937 and ran out of plots after their first movie, so they simply recycled them. I created the above graphic as a half-joke, but when I looked through a list of Disney animations, I realized it holds completely true for almost every single one of them. Not only are the plots generic, they are also unoriginal; see Grimm's Fairy Tales.

While the bright colors, simple plots, and happy endings certainly appeal to children, Disney animators added a little something extra to select films. Which brings us to our next section...

Sexual Elements in Disney Animations

It would seem not everything in a Disney film is marketed to children. Several of their most popular movies contain blatant sexual references. Here they are, as found by people with way too much time on their hands:

First the most famous (or infamous), the dust rising in a scene in The Lion King forms the letters S-E-X.

And here's the still:

Next up is The Rescuers, that has a photo of a topless woman spliced into a window. Confirmed true.

"Look Horace, tits. I see tits"

Last but not least, and definitely the most racy is Who Framed Roger Rabbit. This is just a scene from the movie; the best part is in the single frames.

This scene was uncoincidentally inspired by Walt Disney's favorite movie at the time: "Going Commando".

To end on a happy note, please enjoy this vey special educational film. It's called The Story of Menstruation, and yes, it was made by Disney in 1946.