If you came to this page, in hope of finally finding out what that retarded sound, "AHA" that people make on occasion, you will be sadly dissapointed! This page, on the other hand, will consist of information on the band by the name of A-ha.

A-ha in all their glory.

Just The Facts

  1. Background
  2. Why We All Love A-ha!
  3. Discography


Founded during the confused, but addictive era of the 1980's (1982 to be exact), A-ha rose from "that trio of men that everyone suspects are homosexuals" to a band with at least one song that is known world-wide. The aforementioned trio, however, are not homosexuals just plain old metrosexuals consisting of Morten Harket (vocals), Paul Waaktaar-Savoy (guitars) and Magne Furuholmen (keyboards). All three originating from a country which is undoubtedly submersed under ice the majority of the year and where children ride polar bears to school: Norway.

A-ha did not achieve fandom until the mid 80's. This was mainly because polar bears, arctic wolfs and the occasional rabid Eskimos kept mutilating and in some cases eating their instruments along with Morten's throat. However around 1985, when they finally realized closing the door to their house could alleviate such obstacles, they released their debut album: "Hunting High and Low". Suddenly the world was taken by a storm, with heavily metrosexual pop music flooding the charts; ranking no. 1 in Norway, no. 2 in the UK and no. 15 in the USA.

Here comes the part where you keen readers may finally recognize who the fuck A-ha really is: the geniuses behind the number one hit singles: "Take On Me" and "The Sun Always Shines on TV". These two songs not only became so popular that everyone listened to them to such an excess (AND STILL DO!) that previous fans began to hate them, but also earned A-ha a nomination at the prestigious Grammy Awards for best new artist.

After their fifth studio album the band went on a sudden and unexpected hiatus. It is said that Morten was often seen "Crying in the Rain" for no particular reason as well as "Hunting High and Low" for a Summer which had according to him Moved On. Maybe the latter is because in the midst of the band's touring he forgot that Summer had always Moved On in Norway, or maybe he just went bat shit crazy. It doesn't really matter. After they got back together they continually released albums up until 2009's "Foot of the Mountain", which landed a great seat in the UK charts at no. 5. Now in 2010, A-ha will finally perform their last tour (Ending on a High Note), and successfully go down in history as a pleasant memory of what pop music can be, rather than most of the shit we hear on the radio today.

Why We All Love A-ha!

Yes their name may sound retarded, yes they are flaming metrosexuals and therefore do not look like the rest of you judgmental dicks out there, but can anyone say their music isn't good? Only if you're completely tone deaf. While I agree that popularity alone does not determine how good an artist's music really is (which can be seen by the amount of ever popular artists which can best be described as degenerates... think The Jonas Brothers), this is one of the many cases where the public actually knows their shit. A-ha's music is fun, deep and at times tackles emotions better than I could ever dream of. It's been known to make autistic people experience love and psychopaths cry.

As for the band's musical talents? A lot of it falls down to Morten's treasured voice. While you may say that he has no testicles due to the extremely high notes he can successfully hit, he must be accredited with the absolutely amazing skill he portrays with each verse, chorus and even random sounds he produces. Lyrics with deep meanings, which at times adopt a poetic nature and soaring melodies that take the listeners to new highs accompany his majestic voice as a song unfolds in an absolutely brilliant explosion of emotions. Listening to a-ha is more of an experience than just another track on your mp3 player.

A-ha has managed to adapt with the times in a way which is constantly original and always enjoyable to listen to. Even though most of their songs are not fitted to a club or party scenario (unless you remixed them, which would be sacrilegious), there is always a time where we all need a band like a-ha to remind us that there is something real and beautiful in life. Going from a truly electronic 80's sound to a peaceful but powerful rock feel and finally combining both aspects in their newest album, a-ha will forever be timeless. Besides if you hate on a-ha the whole of Brazil might try to brutally murder you, seeing as they managed to break a world record at the Rock in Rio II festival with an audience of 198,000 people.


  1. 1985, Hunting High and Low
  2. 1986, Scoundrel Days
  3. 1988, Stay on these Roads
  4. 1990, East of the Sun, West of the Moon
  5. 1993, Memorial Beach
  6. 2000, Minor Earth Major Sky
  7. 2002, Lifelines
  8. 2005, Analogue
  9. 2009, Foot of the Mountain