Internet Shopping

In the late 20th century, humanity created the internet. A way to pass information across continents at light speeds. Using it for shopping, is sadly one of the best ways we have put this technolgy to work.

Despite popular belief, you dont actually take your shopping cart into or out of the computer screen.

Just The Facts

  1. The page you are currently looking at has an ad to buy something over the internet.
  2. Yeah, its true. You can do more with the computer than look at porn.
  3. Seriously, try it sometime.

Early Internet Shopping

Back in the stone ages, people had more archaic ways of making the purchses they needed. People used to have to leave their houses to make there purchases. You had to get in your car and ACTUALLY DO MORE WORK THAN JUST LIFTING YOUR FINGERS! Insanity, isnt it? Why would someone want to have leave their house to make purchases, when minimum wage workers could bring them to you at little to no extra charge.

Not like he has anything better to do

Internet shopping stores take the products you need (but are to lazy to get off your couch to get) and sends them straight to your door. You WILL however have to get off your couch to get the package at the door, but give technology a few years and we'll probably be a able to give you that tecnology so just suffer till then.


Dont worry, we'll will get that package to your couch some time.....

Internet shopping started with simple things. The first things sold on the internet were simple things like clothes, electronics,.......and pizza hut?? Yes, pizza hut was one of the