Tron was a 1982 sci-fi film about some douche who gets sucked into a computer. The plot really is irrelevant, (its actually pretty bad), but the ideology/graphics are god worthy.

Something to do with breaking into a science lab.

Then, out of nowhere, glowing battle motorcycles, tanks, large floating pairs of legs, and ultimate frisbee to the death.

Just The Facts

  1. This movie is Star War's cooler, drug prone older brother.
  2. If you watch this movie drunk, high, or on anything, you will probably explode.
  3. It stars Jeff Bridges, so any argument you may have is automatically rendered invalid.

Why you need to watch this.

Okay, the weak plot line and corny music are a given. Its a disney movie. But the trippy graphics, and genius of the perception of the inside a computer alone make this a must watch. Programs are people, color coded by what they have to do. They are humble beings, and we are gods. Did I mention Jeff Bridges? Think I did. And my final reason to watch this film. Is the immenent badassness of its upcoming two sequels. It must be a damn good movie for them to spend millions of dollars to renew it almost 30 years later! Then again, like I said, its Disney. If they can afford to keep Walt Whats-his-face's head alive in a jar, im sure they can afford to make some flop /b/ movie into the tied-for-first most expensive movie ever.