Gap Year

Ah, the Gap Year. A decidedly British phenomenon, it is a year taken by students after leaving school. It involves going 'travelling' somewhere in the developing world for 6 months or more to drink yourself into a coma. On your gap year you can:

Meet the locals.

Try new experiences

Just The Facts

  1. A year out from studying, predominantly taken between finishing school and starting university (or college).
  2. Most people on their gap year travel to South America, Africa and South East Asia.
  3. There is a lot of 'lashing', 'banter' and 'chundering' involved.

What and when?

The gap year is a year taken out, usually by school leavers who didn't get into the University they wanted to go to (the waster) or have parents with more money than sense (the rah). There is a marked difference between these two budding explorers, with the waster getting a real fucking job to earn enough money to possibly live on 2 pounds a day, and the rah being given more money than sense. They both end up with buying Thai ladyboys with the money.

Not your typical lady.


Need to finish, please stand by.

Gap Yah

I then I just chundered EVERYWAH.