Cookies...sugary, non-fat, chocolate chip, icing, there's so many kinds. But from the internet, we've found out why they're so great.

!@#$! NOT THE SECRETS! *chewbakka  noise*

Just The Facts

  1. Cookies are based of a sweet substance as you all know as...butter! You guessed it, bucko! :-/
  2. They make everyone happy. Except the Fat people.
  3. Because of cookies, Google knows what pleasure sites you visit...all of them...kept in their IP address log. So...

Cookies. The Darkest Of things

Cookies are filled with Fat and Sugar. FAT AND SUGAR MAKE YOU FATTTT! That's what was up with the girl-next-door before she got hella hot. She gorged on cookies and got fat. Now when she edits she chooses celery sticks and low-fat smoothies. Now she is hot. NO THANKS TO THOSE DAMN COOKIES! COOKIES PROMOTE BAD BODY IMAGE! LIKE THIS!