The Nostalgia Critic

He remembers it so you don't have to...

The Nostalgia Critic demonstrates a common human reaction to a horrible movie or CSPAN.

Part of the reason the Nostalgia Critic has a job....Ahhhnold!

Nostalgia Chick, causing more geek boners than the Star Wars Christmas Special.

Just The Facts

  1. The Nostalgia Critic is played by Doug Walker.
  2. The website was founded after youtube kept deleting all his videos as part of their pledge to be douchebags towards all that is good while garbage like youtube poop is allowed to exist.
  3. The Nostalgia Critic's website also features other Doug Walker Alter Egos such as Chester A Bum, and The Guy with The Glasses
  4. The Nostalgia Chick came to the site later after winning a "search for Nostalgia Chick" contest.

So, do you remember that movie that you sort of liked as a child?

Of all the characters in, the Nostalgia Critic is by far the most popular. A lot of the movies were well liked by kids in the 80s and 90s and watching them retrospectively will make you realize that they are horrible abominations that will make you wish you had your eyes stabbed out in some bizarre pirate accident.

Arrrr, blessed be the day when I lost me eyes. Now I be saved from suffering a fate worse than Davy Jones' locker, The Neverending Story 2.

Our hearts have all bled every time we find a treasured childhood movie sold in Wal-Mart's $5 DVD bin. We run home to relive the magic feeling like our younger selves:

Yeah!!! 3 Ninjas!!! Massive kickassery will ensue!! Free exclamation marks for all!!!!!!!!

What was I thinking as a child??? This movie sucks harder than a Jenna Jameson cyborg made out of Hoover parts...

Funny moments that have defined the series

Throughout all the episodes of Nostalgia Critic, there have been moments where massive hilarity has ensued. The horrible sick abomination that is the Street Fighter movie may have made people want to defenestrate themselves into a pit of spikes a la Mortal Kombat, but thanks to the Nostalgia Critic we have:

Then there was the God awful Suburban Commando in which the NC made a meme out of Christopher Lloyd's most pathetically idiotic line ever:

When The Nostalgia Critic was joined by The Nostalgia Chick to review the wonderful festering eye boil known as All Dogs Go to Heaven or All Viewers Go To Helltm, they coined useless moments that unnecessarily elongate movies: