Nip/Tuck is a television show on the FX Network which depicted the day-to-day lives of two plastic surgeons. Nip/Tuck is also free, shameless, everything-but-the-nipple soft-core porn.

Nip/Tuck's feeble attempt to sell itself as an artsy drama.

Not the reason we watch the show.

Just The Facts

  1. Nip/Tuck was featured on F/X for six seasons from 2003-2010.
  2. Despite airing on basic cable, his program endured constant criticism for its graphic depiction of sex scenes, endearing itself to thousands of adolescent boys across North America.
  3. No, seriously, it aired on basic cable! You don't have to pay extra or anything!

The Main Characters

Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh)
Sean is the most talented surgeon of the McNamara/Troy practice, and he compensates for this success by having a more fucked-up personal life than most transexual prostitutes. Sean had an affair with a patient (who then died), was attacked by a serial killer, got divorced, had a son with "lobster claw syndrome" (only to follow that up by having sex with his child's nanny), and married a woman who later tried to kill him, his ex-wife, and his child. Yeah, his life pretty much was fucked-up.

Christian Troy (Julian McMahon)
Christian is Sean's best friend and partner, the face of the plastic surgery firm. His role on the show is to have sex with as many women as humanly possible, and he fails to disappoint. Christian's shallow, hedonistic life is a sharp contrast to Sean's status as a "family man", and this teaches us a valuable lesson: you may either try to be a good father and good husband (and fail miserably, leading to pure sadness and depression), or you can have sex with hundreds of women......AND HAVE SEX WITH HUNDREDS OF WOMEN!!!!

Julia McNamara (Joely Richardson)
Julia is Sean's bitchy ex-wife, and she provides the show with its requisite "wet blanket". She has three children with Sean, but the two divorced in the middle of the show's run; as a female character on Nip/Tuck, Julia has (naturally) whored it around with Sean, Christian, and even a woman. While her presence adds little value to the show, she does earn recognition for two things: she had sex with her child's midget nanny, and she designed a face cream made from semen. She then sold the jizz cream to Joan Rivers. Seriously.

Not crazy, not crazy at all.
Approach at own risk, blood orgy in progress.

Matt McNamara (John Hensley)
Matt is proof that the apple does not fall far from the tree, as he may be the only character butt-fucked by circumstances more than his father, Sean. First of all, lets mention the fact that Matt began the series as an uncircumcised TEENAGER. He followed that one up by falling in love with his transgender life coach, getting beat up by a roving pack of transsexuals, committing murder, acting in a porn movie, getting addicted to crystal meth, and getting back together with his fucking transgender life coach.

Kimber Henry (Kelly Carlson
The ex-girlfriend of...well...pretty much every male character on the show. Despite her moral shortcomings (being the whore that she is), Kimber may well be the most beloved character on Nip/Tuck (due to the teenage viewership). Kimber eventually kills herself due to intense self-loathing, proving that you can only go so far in life when you spend most of your time on your knees.

Kimber and Matt: a walking, talking, two-person meth party.
Kimber and Matt: a walking, talking, two-person meth party.

Critical Response and Controversy

Nip/Tuck's Success in a Nutshell:

  • Nip/Tuck has garnered over a dozen Emmy Nominations, especially for the illustrious category of "Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup" (take what you will from that). It even won an Emmy for Best Drama.
  • Nip/Tuck was, over the course of its run, a successful cable series as far as viewership goes, practically monopolizing the coveted 13-15 demographic. Over the past few yeras, there may or may not have been a strong correlation between the increase in Nip/Tuck viewership and a decrease in Sports Illustrated "Swimsuit Editions" hidden under adolescent mattresses.
  • Nip/Tuck has encountered controversy for showing scenes of a graphic nature, including (but not limited to) group sex, brother/sister necrophilia, a self-masectomy, and the ever-present animilistic grunts by Christian Troy during his many sex scenes.
  • Out of all these, the Christian Troy grunting is the most offensive, by a long shot.