Super Heroes Enigma

Everybody loves a superhero. Well almost everybody. I don't, why? I dunno.. So I want you to close your eyes, I mean open your eyes, and imagine your favorite super hero and think of something that will make them ordinarily frail human beings.

Super Heroes College Class Picture: Notice the Background? We just love america...

Unknown Super Villains Class Picture: Notice the Background? It's Blue.. (We are illegal immigrants currently crossing the US-Mexican border)

Probably the only heroes I'll really like...

Just The Facts

  1. Super heroes are Stupid.. Kind of..
  2. I hate Super heroes..
  3. The Title doesn't have anything to do with this article..
  4. The author's mind goes astray most of the times..
  5. Also the likes ending sentences in in double periods..
  6. You counted the periods.. You didn't?? We'll go ahead and count them..

Here's some things you probably don't notice about your super heroes..

1. Super Heroes always wear their underwears outside their spandex outfits.. What for? It just looks gay..

2. Super Heroes always have a blanket on their backs.. What for? Used for quickie emergencies..

3. Super Heroes always have colorful costumes.. What for? Uhhm I dunno, for a party?..


I wrote this article because I have nothing much better to do. Incurring the wrath of vengeful superheroes is not to be incurred. Whatever, I just want to write something..