Sci Fi Channel

The Sci Fi Channel

I included this picture as to show that I am old-school and still like Sci Fi better than SYFY

Just The Facts

  1. Sci Fi was awesome until its name change in 2009
  2. SYFY is still better than G4 but it is not as good as Sci Fi or Tech TV

The Sci Fi Channel

A long, long time ago(1991) in a faraway land(Southern Florida) a mysterious channel was being developed that would change the way geeks looked at TV.

Well sort of...

Well sort of...

This channel was basically a geeks paradise. It had plenty of geeky shows that Tech Tv could never come close too.

The best series on the planet.

Over its lifetime it has seen its fair share of bad movies and series(mostly movies) also. I'll first take you to .........

If you cant read the white pointy thing it says "Helicopter".

What kind of fucked up faggot comes up with a show where a giant fucking piranha kicks a helicopters ass. I mean come on that wasn't geeky it would just make geeks talk about the absolute ridiculous nature of the movie. Every geek knows that piranhas can't mutate to that size unless there is some wierd nucular disaster in....Africa??? What kind of African nation has nucular capibility's. NOT A FUCKING ONE!!!!!! Now if this happened in America then we also know that Nucular Mega Piranhas could not happen because if some kind of nucular disaster happened in America nowaday's the world would look like this.

Without the smiley face.

In 2009 however Sci Fi disappointed me for the last time when they changed their name to SYFY just to get rid of the stereotype that surrounds Science Fiction. Wake up SYFY it sounds geekier to use Sci Fi in fucking texting form. I hate texts they are stupid and they are going to make the world like this....

Once again without the smiley face.