Axe Cop

Part Seanbaby, part Wanderlei Silva, and part Dirty Harry, Axe Cop spawns from the mind of Malachai Nicolle, and the hand of Ethan Nicolle.

Just The Facts

  1. Axe Cop is written by a five year old.
  2. Being the oldest of four children in my house-hold, that was immediately a turn-off for me.
  3. I find these comics actually, moderately humorous.

Who, or what is Axe Cop?

Axe Cop is a comic about a cop with an axe, who doesn't play by the rules. That's because, simply, there are no rules. With the limitless imagination of the youth, Axe Cop takes on all of the twists and turns that one would expect only from a drug-filled Gary Busey on a trip to the petting zoo.

The possibilities are endless...

As far as the story... Gee, I don't even know where to start...

Okay, the first episode is about how axe cop gets his axe.

Pictured: Simplicity.

Not saying I don't love it, I'm just saying that the fireman in the background may have needed that, and just got robbed. By a cop. However, seeing as it's in the world of Axe Cop, I'll run with it. Besides, that's totally <i>not</i> the craziest thing that happens.

After finding the axe, and getting away with theft (probably condemning a family or two to a fiery death, because the fire department is missing an axe), Axe Cop decides to hire try-outs in order to search for a partner. After choosing the first applicant, Axe Cop and Flute Cop go dinosaur hunting.


So, they kill the dinosaurs, and some of the blood gets on Flute Cop, (yeah, the flute gets you bloody, not the axe, but once more: not my universe, so it's cool) and he transforms into a dinosaur, hence looking more BAMF.

"#@&% the stupid flute!"

That's just Episode One...

So... What now?

From then on, it just... happens. I can't summarize it, just because, well, look at it. It's pretty awesome, though. I could go on a little more, but I think that pictures alone could tell more. They're worth a thousand words each, but I don't think anybody wants a thousand of my words...






Let's see Naruto do that!

This Baby!

My soul just died a little...