Science Vs Not Science

Sometimes, We here at Cracked realize that ordinary people and Juggalos have a hard time comprehending science compared to our genetically altered Super-Men. And thats why we have this topic!

Just The Facts

  1. Science, by definition, Is gathering information that can be measured in some way, that can then be tested and proven.
  2. Not science is like the evil twin brother of science, taking it's place and making people look stupid.
  3. Not science is a sneaky mofo.


Some people beleive that vampires are a myth like jackalopes, the loch ness monster, or wyoming. But they are as real as the voices in my head. and like any subject, it's filled with science and myths.

According to science, fire burns fuel. Vampires are 98% hell grown fuel


Aww physics. Invented by Isaac Newton when he was hit on the head with an apple and invented the flux capacitor... or was that Doc Brown?Suck it Physics!

Anyhow, Physics is the study of motion. Any kind of motion, and the energy used to cause the motion. Physics is most certainly science. In it's complexness, Physics tells us that the energy in the universe is constant, never changin. It also tells us that if our midi-chlorian count is high enough, we can manipulate this energy with our very minds! Which brings me to Biology.


Biology is the study of living things. It also explains the miracle of giraffes, life, and the transfer of genes. This is science. Some Not sciences like evolution try to find a place in this field, even when Charles Darwin himself said that it was false. What's more, alot of psuedo sciences (fancy way of saying Not Sciences) revolve around this. You have been warned

Science Fiction

This is the sneakiest not science out there. Having science in it's name, it easily slips under the radar, and makes itself look like science.

Whether it's space trave, teleportation, or using a magic razor machine to make a hamburger while it walks your dog... it just won't happen Therefore it is... NOT SCIENCE!