Sorority Life

Sorority Life is yet another Facebook application sent to annoy the world. EVERY GIRL YOU KNOW IS PLAYING THIS GAME.

Your typical Sorority girls.

Yeah, I kind of want to slap her too.

Just The Facts

  1. Sorority Life is a game by Playdom.
  2. It is a very popular Facebook application, which you probably already know of if you are friends with any girls.
  3. It is a simple game that uses the stereotype of what girls like (shoes and clothes and hair and boys!) to draw in its players.
  4. The game is about as far from an actual Sorority experience as you can get.

The Basics

Sorority Life is you typical browser game. You organize "events" and "fight" with other sororities to gain "influence" that will raise you to the next level. Along the way you earn brownie points from the house mom. These can be used to buy clothes, shoes, boyfriends, cars, etc.


The events you can organize range from taking a tropical vacation to seeing a rock concert (and eventually dating the drummer of the band if you do the event enough times). Events require energy that regenerates over time. Sometimes an event will earn you some "glam," which is usually an outfit or an accessory that you can use on your avatar, or something just plain retarded.

Next event . . . Cure your herpes!

Next event . . . cure your herpes that the drummer just gave you.


Fighting with your rival sororities is a big part of Sorority Life. The winner is determined by who has the most glam, which is basically like saying "HA! I have more shoes than you. Bitch!" Each fight you win earns you money and influence points. Fighting costs Stamina and Confidence, which also regenerate over time. Fighting becomes more difficult the higher your level, because you need to have more people in your "house" than the other to beat them.

Your typical rivals for fighting.

If you are lucky, you can kick this bitches ass so bad that she will just go and off herself. So not kidding.

Yeah, bitch killed herself because you had pink chuck taylors.

Boys and Sorority Life

While this game is played by about 95% women, there are a select few profiles out there that are by men. Why? Either the man has a strange desire of join a sorority and live a life of shoes, clothes, and pillow fights, or the poor fellow's girlfriend begs him to join, just so she can have another member in her house. This results in some hilarity, as men shouldn't be allowed to design a female avatar.

This poor chick was obviously made against her will.


Sorority Life is about as far from living like a sorority sister can get. For instance, my character has a yacht, 16 Cadillac Escalades, and about $80,000,000 in the bank.

OK, $90,000,000 . . . yeah I'm pimpin.

Does that sound like your typical college girl struggling to fit in with her fellow "sisters" while eating ramen noodles for dinner before she gets too drunk and fucks the stoner from that fraternity house that always smells a little ripe.

The game itself may seem innocent, but it is perpetuating the stereotype that women are shallow and obsessed with fashion and boys and shoes . . .

Oh wait, I guess that's true.