Youtube Poop

'YouTube Poop' is a name given to a certain type of video editing, where game cutscenes, cartoons and other media are brutally raped and torn to pieces for shits and giggles.

YouTube Poop Bingo! (Thanks!)

Just The Facts

  1. YouTube Poop is more proof the internet is a frightening, bizarre place.
  2. Its main purpose is to turn your favourite childhood things into horrible abominations through editing programs.
  3. Popular sources include the CD-I Zelda and Mario games, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and that one episode of Super Mario World.
  4. It's also addictive as hell, and that frightens me.
  5. It has been believed that Viacom and the Digital Economy Act are part of a secret conspiracy to put an end to this. I actually hope they don't succeed.

Looking at YouTube Poop

YouTube Poop is a phenonemon that is pretty difficult to explain. Like most things born from the internet, it is weird and stupid, and yet is oddly hypnotic in its stupidity and weirdness. While something inside tells you not to, you can't help but watch. When a poop appears in your 'Recommended Videos', a little voice tells you to click on it. Watching one is like peering into the very workings of an internet person's mind.

It basically involves taking a movie, cartoon, programme or game cutscene, and editing it in random and bizarre ways for humour and fun. These methods include repeating a clip until it gets annoying, increasing the volume of a clip or manipulating the clip to make it look like two characters in it are going to have sex. Any resemblance to something out of Cthulhu's cranium is purely coincidental.

Popular Source Material

CD-I Zelda and Mario Games

If you're a gaming expert, you may have heard of Zelda: Wand of Gamelon, Link: Faces of Evil and Hotel Mario, all released on the short-lived Philip's CD-I console. And if you have heard of them, you definately want to forget about them, on account of the fact that they were horrendous. Well, forgetting them is going to be harder than you thought, as poopers like to take the hilariously hideous cutscenes of those games and make...well...

Those games used to be a forgotten relic of a terrifying era, but now you can't throw a stone without hitting a video where Hyrule's King says 'MAH BOI', or a MS Paint Luigi cries 'SPAGHETTI'. Just think how Mario or Link would feel about this. They probably did those games when they really needed the money, and have made sure to cross them off their resumes, and now they can't walk down the streets without somone saying, 'Hey, Mario, where there's smoke, they pinch back, eh?' or 'What's for DINNER, Link'. Who'd have thought a game where the object is to close doors could have achieved this kind of fame?

By the way, the people who animated the Zelda games also animated an educational DOS game called IM Meen, about an evil wizard who has the second best name ever (first being Killy McDeathDeath) which has also become popular in poops.

Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

Ah, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Remember, in your youth, when you tuned in to this, hoping to see the exciting adventures of your favourite videogame hero as he trounces Dr Eggm Robotnik, only to find the result of Ren and Stimpy sodomising Dr. Suess? Well, Youtube Poopers have been giving this show the retribution it deserves. They are especially fond of the show's rendition of Robotnik, played by the great, late Long John Baldry, especially 'Pingas'. Those of you unfamiliar with this artform may ask, 'What's 'Pingas'? Wasn't that the name of the little girl penguin in Pingu?'

The Greatest Piece of Internet Comedy Ever

No,it's a word created from a phrase Robotnik said in an episode of the show, famous because it vaguely sounds like the formal term for 'wang'. You may say 'Haha grow up', but that's just how people on the internet are. They love them their dick jokes. A few years from now, when the internet takes total control of the universe, public decency laws will cease to exist. When someone pisses on the sidewalk, the only response will be 'lol penis'.

Mama Luigi

No, this isn't a pizza parlour run by a transsexual. This is an episode of that Super Mario World cartoon, and, well, good game, shitty cartoon. However, from this one episode, many jokes for many poops have been gleaned, from Luigi's proud declaration that he is 'Mama Luigi' to 'magic balloon'. Wait a minute. Magic? That's the tool of the devil! BURN IT!

You may notice that these sources have to do with videogames. Well, if there's one thing the internet loves more than penis humour, it's videogame humour. It's hypocritical of me to mock people for having immature senses of humour, but we all get a kick out of mocking the internet.

Also, those aren't the only things that have been pooped. Fact, some poopers think those sources are stale and overused (calling them Aids, classy). Pooping works on similar terms to Rule 34 in a way; if something exists, chances are it has been pooped.

The Beginnings of Poop

This phenomenon is believed to have started with AKA Cult Toons, something which aired on the UK version of Cartoon Network, where they would take episodes of shows like Hong Kong Phooey and The Perils of Penelope Pitstop and add a bunch of clips from blaxploitation films in there to make them funnier. But anyone can make Hanna Barbera cartoons funnier. Even earlier than that was Martin Arnold's film Alone, Life Wastes Andy Hardy, which used pooping techniques for art. ART!


A subgenre of YouTube Poop is the Youtube Poop Music Video, YTPMV for short. These are basically just YouTube Poops turned into song, and frighteningly enough, most of them are actually catchy. Really catchy.

But Then Again....

Sturgeon's Law, sadly, probably applies more to YouTube Poops than anything, as most of them are utter shit.