Dr. Who

Doctor Who is a science fiction program about, get this, a doctor WHO travels in time with friends of various degrees of hot.

The Current, Tenth, Doctor

The Twilight Doctor...er.  The Eleventh Doctor

Someone put all their Doctors in one basket

Just The Facts

  1. The Doctor's face changes when he dies and comes back to life.
  2. It also ensures the show will survive with another actor.
  3. While the first Doctor was very, very old they just keep getting younger
  4. And so do his "companions"
  5. That has nothing to do with sex
  6. No, really
  7. The Doctor has a lot of enemies. But mostly it's the Daleks. Fucking Daleks.

The Fucking Daleks

Seriously, though. What.

  1. The Daleks are basically squid that live in giant peppermills with wheels and plungers that suck out your brain
  2. You heard me.
  3. They used to be easily defeated by pushing them over, or running up a flight of stairs.
  4. But now they can fly and have guns and GIANT peppermills fileld with GIANT squid.
  5. They are from planet Kelad. Get it? GET IT. Oh those wacky Daleks.

Rose vs Martha

Rose Tyler and Martha Jones

  1. The doctor has had hundreds and hundreds of companions. He has also been married at least once, since he has a biological grandchild. We have also met his future wife
  2. Yet, these two are considered his greatest love interests.
  3. However, Martha Jones left him because he wouldn't get over Rose
  4. And he fobbed Rose off on his own clone.
  5. If that's not true love we don't know what is.

The DoctorDonna (Or Why The Doctor Is An Ass Volume 13)

Let me tell you about my best friend.

  1. Donna Noble is, by all account, the Doctor's very best friend according to the series
  2. So, of course, when something really terrible happens to her that he can't reconcile, he totally erases the last 2 years of her life from her memory.
  3. He has done this three times before to other people.

The Master

  1. The Master is the Doctor's worst enemy
  2. Fans like to pretend that they were boyfriends

The show does not discourage this

The Fans Are Crazy

Enough said.