Many folks consider the nipple the "alpha/omega" of the human breast structure. But, just as that set of boobs don't work w/o nipples, the aerolae (colored part around the nipple) is what causes both proper lactation and proper pleasure.

Nipples And Aerolae--Courtesy of Gaiea and Father Time!

This is what an infant draws through a nipple for nourishment.

Like I said--they come in all shapes and sizes!

Just The Facts

  1. Without Aerolae and nipples, the human breast is nothing more than excess adipose tissue.
  2. Nipples and aerolae are extremely sensitive in both males and females
  3. The nipple is the nozzle, while the aerola is the target/mouthpiece, when a woman nurses her infant.
  4. Nipple/aerola stimulation can produce not only relaxation, but an unexpected "blindside" orgasm in females.
  5. Though considered a "secondary sexual organ," the breasts are often the first sexual organ encountered and stimulated orally.
  6. Just because there is no color to the nipple/aerola region, it does not mean the person-in-question is lacking them.

Nipples And Aerolas: The Aiming Point For All Breast Work.

As Frank Zappa once said about nipples: "Without them, all that you have is an big blob of fat there!" What he did not tell us is that there are a variety of nipples, plus their "silent partner"--the areola, better known as "the milk target."

Both come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and shades. Their primary function is to give the infant-in-question the proper place to put their mouth to activate the lactation process. In other words--hit the target and it's LUNCHTIME!

"Wots This--No Color Here?"

When you encounter a woman, you might see that her areolae and nipples have no color--they are as the same color as the surrounding breast tissue. This does not mean that she doesn't have them to begin you will find out when she offers you her breast and lets you get busy pleasuring both you and her.

Sometimes, the lack of color is merely due to lack of use...often, the areolae and nipples darken with experience. Othertimes, the "no-color" is permanent...but the equipment is still very functional. It's not the color that determines how well they's how well you both put them to work.

How the nipple and areola are supposed to function.

Both the nipple and the areola have a main function...the outlet point in human lactation. Though the nipple is the "nozzle" from which mother's milk enters in infant-in-question's mouth, the areola is the "target" where the infant presses against to begin the process.

(FYI: Mother's Milk (human milk) is not the "ambrosia" the infant seems to make it out to be. It is merely the output of the human mammary glands, much like the milk of every other mammal. And like most other milks, it's a white, opaque, liquid substance with a bluish tinge (from it's lack of butterfat). However, "mother's milk" contains many nutrients that are essential for growth and development (despite what the asshats at Carnation, Weyth, and Nestle try to sell you with their formulas).

The nipple and areola in human sexuality...

The human breast is considered a "secondary" sexual organ. Yeah, right...try telling that to many women who cannot keep guys' eyes off of their boobs while talking to them. In fact, it is the first thing that most boys (and some girls) notice that tell them that little Precious might be worth noticing more than they thought!

Such is why the popularity of sticking bags of chemicals into the female breast to "plump it up" and look more "attractive." However, nipples and areolae are also part of this equation here. For a woman can have the nicest, firmest boobs around--but without functioning nipples and areolae, they are worthless!

For just as with an infant, the nipples and areolae come into play during lovemaking. When a woman offers her breast to her lover, it's not just the nipple coming into play. Pressing the mouth against the areola "completes the circuit," and then it's just a matter of time, vacuum pressure, and keeping the teeth out of the equation.

The "Blindside Orgasm"...Where Nipple, Breast, and Areola Work As One.

For many folks, the claim that the only way to get a woman "hot for love" is through cunnlingus (aka "The Down Under French Kiss") is one they espouse as if it were Holy Writ. In fact 50 Cent remarked that if a man won't "eat pussy," then he should commit suicide.

To use one of my favorite lines: "50 Cents' Theses Are Feces!"

When I was dating my first lover/friend, we basicly kept our intimate contact "above the waist." One afternoon, I was laying in her lap, my mouth presed against her left areola and sucking away happily. A few second later, she began to shudder, as if she were shivering. I was about to "break lock," but she told me "whatever you do, don't stop!"

The shivering lasted about two minutes. I opened my eyes, and she had this glow--and a smile that told me that she had been pleased greatly. The "Blindside Orgasm" had taken my lover to ecstasy!

It's called "The Blindside Orgasm" because the woman never sees it coming, like a blindside tackle. However, unlike the tackle, the orgasm has much more pleasureable effects--for both partners. What it takes is just the right amount of vacuum pressure, mouth placement on the areola, and the proper amount of time (about three-to-six minutes...per side) to bring it off.

Murray Head's character in the song "One Night In Bangkok" said it best when he remarked "I GET MY KICKS ABOVE THE WASTLINE, SUNSHINE!" When properly done, it's a great way to get the fire going without having the need to "dive at five" to get the engine going!

Men Have Nipples Too--And They Are Sensitve As Hell!

Yes, do have boobs, nipples, and areolas.

No, they cannot produce milk at this time (but science is working on that).

But, a lot of folks forget that the male breasts is just as much a sex organ as the female ones are. A lot of men (myself included) enjoy having our breasts kissed, caressed, and if the lover-in-question is in an fun-loving mood, given a gentle sucking.


Not necessarily there, Bubba. About the only two things that men cannot do during male breast stimulation are:

Give Milk and Climax!

However, the nipples and areolae on males are just as sensitive as on a female. A good way for a lover to relax the man in their life is to give his pectorals a nice, gentle massage. Works really well on the old blood pressure as well.

Some savvy lovers employ this in their lovemaking. Others--too pervertioed for their tastes.

To each their own--I like it when a woman relizes that her boobs are not the only ones that can give pleasure...and acts accordingly!

Without Nipples And Areolae--The Formula Companies Will Win!

Frankly, the folks who develop shit like Enfamil, ProSoy, and other chemical concoctions that suposedly emulate what Gaiea put in Momma's Lister Bags for baby's num-num time are in dire need of some serious attitude in twelve bullets in the hide of each account executive assigned to push this shit-food upon less-educated new mothers--and a thirteenth up the ass!

As long as women have boobs, nipples, and areolae, they are magnificently equipped to either ensure proper nutrition for any infants they bear...and/or ensuring mutual pleasure for both themselves and their love partners, without the need for penetration (genital/genital contact) during the lovemaking process.

(Author's Note: Hopefully, this article will not come across as "Male Chauvinist Pig Hogwash." Most of the Physological effects can be described in college (or high school) anatomy, health, and human sexuality textbooks. My feelings about the formula companies is borne out by articles critical of this ultimate "shit-food" that have spanned decades. And the Frank Zappa quote was from "The Real Frank Zappa Book" by FZ & Peter Oggigrocio, during his testimony about a bill in the Maryland House of Burgesses.)