Angry Video Game Nerd

The Angry Video Game Nerd (henceforth referred to as the AVGN) is a gamer with a massive NES collection and a heart full of hate. Played by James Rolfe, he rips apart bad retro games with a bottle of Rolling Rock in one hand and shit in another.

The angriest gamer you've ever heard

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Just The Facts

  1. He started out as the Angry Nintendo Nerd, but changed it once he started doing things other than NES games.
  2. He drinks Rolling Rock. Alot.
  3. Every episode has him go off in a rant about games than invariably involve the words fuck, shit, ass, balls, and talking about things he would rather do than play these games (and they always revolve around unpleasant bodily functions).
  4. We here at Cracked think he may be a little too obsessed with poop.
  5. Releases all his videos at

AVGN: Origins

The Angry Nintendo Nerd started off as a couple of videos James Rolfe made for his friends. His first review was of Castlevania II: Simon's quest. Since this was his first review, he hadn't specialized in reviewing actually shitty games.


We forgive you, nerd

When this review, and another review featuring Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde exploded in popularity on youtube, he decided to keep the nerd persona and keep making videos, which he posted on youtube and

Move to Gametrailers.

However, all was not right with the world. The youtube censors kept on taking down his videos. Something about foul language or something.

Old Lady

Pictured: the only person bothered by foul language

The nerd moved to, where his vidoes can be seen in their full, uncensored glory. He also changed his name form the Angry Nintendo Nerd to The Angry Video Game Nerd around this time.