Donald trump

Donald Trump: Business Man, Television Host and Douchebag. He is the shining epitome of the American dream and what it truly means to be rich, bitch.

Bend Over, Or You're FUCKING FIRED

Just The Facts

  1. Donald Trump is worth over one billion dollars USD, that's more than most third world countries
  2. Donald Trump has his own clothing line which is worn by white collar douchebags.
  3. Our dear Mr. Trump has had three wives, that's more than the ammount of girlfriends we at cracked will hope to have.

He's Like A Boss

Mr. Trump was so successful that he has his own series on TV known as the apprentice. The extent of this series is a handful of wannabe entrepreneurs jump through to hoops to get at some of the sweet Trump cash. Donald Trump gets to do the fun dead of cussing out the poor fools and making them break down into tears at the end of every episode. What do we learn from this television series? We are not that sure of the moral, unless that moral is don't Fuck with Trump.

Yes, one day Donald Trump will fire one of the American Presidents and quite possibly a few European Prime Ministers

Donald J Trump Was Here

The most esteemed Mr. Trump is most well known in public eye for his television as well as his hotel enterprise. Yes, the Trump Hotel and Towers are some very big hotels around the world. They serve as hotels for business men on international trips as well as holding many different conferences. If this is not bad enough, Trump Towers are now being built overseas in Canada, Dubai and a host of other cities.

Fuck, It's Trump
Fuck Yeah, I'm Donal Trump Bitch

We would like to thank you Mr. Trump, for putting your giant glass and metal dicks in the skyline of many cities.

This Man Must Be Stopped

We don't exactly know what Mr. Trump does for an actual living. We do know that he appears on the iconic television series the apprentice. And he also has some hotel tower things. Another interesting venture of his is the Trump University. It gives online lessons on real estate and business shit however you don't get a credible degree from this website. If that's not some individuals have emulated the apprentice...some people as notorious as Donald Trump Himself...


Yes, 50 Cent has released a show modeled after the apprentice. 50 cent is the big boss dog as other indiviuals dick ride to try and get at his money. Thnaks for this monster Mr. Trump