Dave Mustaine

Dave Mustaine is the main songwriter and rhythm guitarist for thrash metal band Megadeth, and ex-lead guitarist for Heavy Metal band Metallica. He is well known for solos like "Holy Wars... The Punishment Due" and "Hangar 18".

Yeah, he's Dave Mustaine and he's gonna kick your ass, Metallica Fan.

Just The Facts

  1. He's done so many different drugs in his lifetime. 14 different types.
  2. He's not a pussy, despite being a Christian...
  3. He's nortoriously known for "That one asshole in Metallica"
  4. He also went to Rehab 15 before finally getting clean. It took his bassist one trip to get clean.
  5. He once fucking died because of his drug abuse, in the hospital and then came back to life. I'm being serious.

Who's Dave Mustaine? Why the hell would you ask that?!

Dave Mustaine was born in September 13, 1961 in La Mesa, California to a housewife and a drunk- I mean a banker. The father was a bit of a bastard though, simply because he treated Mustaine like shit andd once took a pair of pliers and DRAGGED HIM ACROSS THE FUCKING DRIVEWAY! They ran away from the jerk, but he constantly followed. Then Dave's mom married a cop. Problem solved... for now.

He also had sisters, and one of them decided that she was gonna give a guitar to Dave because he had such an interest in music (but then again, music did help anyone when they feel like crap...). Dave tried to play it, but his sisters had a problem with it and decided to take the guitar andsmash it against his head. Brutality? Yes. Did it stop him? No.

So Dave managed to find an interest for British Heavy Metal. How? Showed a Judas Priest record to Daddy Cop Out, but that wasn't really a smart idea, considering he's a REALLY religious person. Basically, here's what happened: Dad get's serious about no bad music, Dave gets pissed and said something regretable, Dad gets pissed and beats the kid.

This lead to Dave leaving his household to become a 1) a Druggie 2) An awesome guitar player 3) A slight drunk (drugs occupied him more)

So during that time, he wound up creating a band called Panic. Dropped it because it was boring, then he became the lead guitarist to... (sigh) Metallica... this is what happened.

Became guitarist, ruled San Fransisco, James gets pissed off at Dave, they fight, they make up, Dave does something regrettable, gets kicked out of the band WHILE TRAVELING to New York to create Kill 'em All.

I have a serious problem with the Dave Mustaine vs. Metallica arguement, so if you came to read something like this, go somewhere else, faggot ass fanboys...

Megadeth and The discography... part 1?

Formation and the first album: Killing Is My Business... and Business is Good! (1985)

So the picture is, a bitchy Dave Mustaine gets really really REALLY pissed about being kicked out of Metallica, (but to be honest at the time he kinda deserved it...) and it was decided that he had no choice but to go back to California and form his own band. This consisted of Dave Ellefson (the smaller, younger version of of Mustaine), Gar Samuelson (a jazz player who thinks that Heroin would be better supplimented as daily vitamins) and Chris Poland (he joined the band after seeing Gar, then assumingly getting on his knees, and asking to join... it worked).

Basically, after that session, it's this formula:


And they're not dead already because...?

And it was a kick ass record mind you!

Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? (1986)

They toured after that whole session and the formula continues, execpt this time, THEY'RE BROKE. and of course Mustaine got some drug problems, and they had to resort to having Ellefson get a job. Nonetheless, he pulled it off and shortly after they created Peace Sells But Who's Buying?, and by far you're looking at one of the greatest(if not, the greatest) album ever created. This was mainly because of the self titled song Peace Sells, the one of the greatest metal songs EVER created. EVER.


They toured, did drugs, drank like dehydrated slaves, and did more drugs. They basically was gods along with Metallica, Anthrax and Slayer with one of the greatest lineups until...

Oh wait. Here's a side topic:


Basically, here's a list of the drugs he did:

-Smoked pot.
-Psychedelics and Speed.
-Black Beauties.
-Magic Mushrooms.
-Cocaine/Crack/free base.
-China White

14 different types of drugs.

Yes. 14.

I swear, you can't make up this shit anymore...

Megadeth at it's prime (Megadeth Discography Part 2)

So Far, So Good... So What?! (1988)

...until addiction gets the best of them.

So the situation is that they're broke, AGAIN. But this time they're broke on drugs. Gar's gone nuts without his protei- I mean... heroin. And Chris actually had the balls to sell the stuff for drug money. Mustaine found out, and he had to get everyone stuff. Which lead to firing the heroin addict and the desperate dude.


Does this ring a bell?

Mustaine hired Chuck Behler and Jeff Young. They recorded So Far So Good... So What?! and it sold over ONE MILLION RECORDS (what the hell is it with the third album selling the most records?)! But you gotta admit songs like In My Darkest Hour (the tribute to Cliff Burton of Metallica. RIP dude.), Hook In Mouth (the fuck you song to the PMRC) and Set The World Afire (classic) did deserve this kind of recgonition.

Another event that happened was that Mustaine had gotten arrested for being on drugs and drunk driving. Young had specifically told Mustaine to either drink, do Freebase or cocaine. Do you know what he does instead? All three.

And yet another lineup change comes up. Behler leaves and Dave Mustaine accuses Jeff Young of stealing his girl. He says he didn't. Mustaine doesn't care. Out goes Young.

Nick Menza, the drum tech for Behler actually was hired to fill in, but he did more than just that. And during the recording of the next album, Marty Friedman (now known as Mr. Guitarman in Japan... god damn it!) which brings us to the next album...

Rust In Peace (1990)

My favourite album EVER recorded by Megadeth. They started touring before releasing the album and they previewed Take No Prisoners during that tour. Then they came back to record the album and *pop!* out comes Rust In Peace. This is the second best album created by Megadeth (I think...) and Holy Wars had become an anthem for kids willing to tell their parents to go suck a dick, only to head bang to Hangar 18. I'm telling you, these guys were gods at this time.


Oh yeah. In 1992, he had a child named Justis (EPIC NAME + INCORRECT SPELLING = EPIC). Let's just hope that he's not an asshole to him like his birth dad was.

Anyway, back on topic: Rust In Peace gets platinum and gold all around and is the definition of THRASH metal in the 1990's but the sales CANNOT compare to those in...

Countdown To Extinction (1992)

I know that they were touring relentlessly with Pantera, Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden, Diamond Head (blah blah blah, we're not here for them.), they went back to recording. I don't see a lot of drugs being dealt around like last time (because he tried to get clean. He fails a lot.), but instead Dave Ellefson confesses that it was because of a basketball that they got out most of the tracks... what?!

Does this mean if I hold up a picture of Micheal Jordan, he's gonna win a Grammy (for once)?

Anyway, this album gets 2x platinum in USA (and 3X in Canada! Take that America!) and gold in Argentina.

BUT! Countdown To Extinction came in 2nd on the charts to... (sigh) Billy Ray Cyrus' Achy Breaky Heart...

Dave's gonna kill you, country boy.

Metallica's The Black Album beat them when released and BOY Mustaine was fucking pissed the hell off. It was kinda like he was ready to kill Kirk Hammett and hang him in front of James Hetfield's front porch.

If you find this jackass on your porch, run.

Anyway, during touring of Countdown to Extintion, Dave was rushed to the hospital and he died... then he came back to life! Amazing isn't it? But you know what that means! It means that Mustaine ain't doin drugs no more!

Still. These guys are getting themselves out into the greatness they are today.

BUT!(again with the BUT!) The next few albums say otherwise...

Declination of Megadeth (aka: Megadeth Discography Part 3)

Youthanasia (1994)

This is where Megadeth started to go "ehh..." but nonetheless, the album was still good... just no Rust In Peace good. Anyway, there was no drugs as stated before.

...this really is a boring segment. They do album, they get gold on the charts. Why do I have to explain this?

Cryptic Writings (1997)

A Megadeth album, that was part Megadeth, part Mustaine, part Marty Friedman (y'know, Tornado of Souls?). Simply because even though this is still Metal and the elements are there, but it's slowly starting to decline into hard rock.

He also had another child in 1998, Electra Mustaine, and she was born the same day the song Trust was nominated for a grammy. Jeez, I think Dave's found his lucky charm. And Justis still isn't wishing that he was dead... wow. Dave Mustaine IS a REALLY nice! I guess he didn't wanna end up like his father.

Anyway back to the albums.

Risk (1999)

This is the album where it's gonna be viewed two ways.



The modern music listener: This is Megadeth? Wow. This is a big change up... it's okay but...

And who do we have to blame? Marty Friedman (keep in mind, he wrote a song for a Sonic The Hedgehog game.).

I know, I'm that surprised..

Since he's the pop fan in the group, Mustaine decided to make him happy and write something to his interest. Too bad it wound up being the worst Megadeth album to everyone. it's not bad, it's just not best.

Anyway, Jimmy Degrasso was hired after firing Nick Menza, why? Drugs. Because Dave wanted to be clean and thought that Nick was on drugs and he didn't want to take any chances, so he said BYE BAI! and got a new drummer.

...the album wasn't good. How about we leave it at that?

The 2000's, breakup, return and the new shit (Megadeth Discography Part 4)

So after the Risk tour, Mustaine was gettin tired of playing this kinda stuff, and wanted to go back to the roots or Megadeth. AKA, he smartened up and wanted to play thrash again. But one person had a problem with that: Marty. He wanted to play pop(bullshit to metal heads) and Mustaine wanted to play metal (noise to pop fans) So Marty left, which made Mustaine really angry.

He got Al Pitrelli into the band however and started to write the new album.

The World Needs A Hero (2001)

Not much on this segment. They released a REALLY REALLY underrated album and then they toured with AC/DC.

Break up... (2002?)

Basically, during the tour Mustaine hurt his arm and then he was getting tired of the people he was around with.

Al Pitelli: Called him a drinker, and he got married. He wanted to see how well he would fit in. Didn't work.


Jimmy Degrasso: Very very very very very very very very very (repetitiveness ftw!) very very negative (emo?) and wanted money, fame and the sort (was a greedy bitch).


David Ellefson (?!): Complaining about the songs he wanted to play (whiny bitch about music)


Return, MD.45, MEGADETH and The System Has Failed!!! (2004-2005)

So after the arm injury, he recovered and formed MD.45. Two problems with this. 1) They weren't really good. 2) WHO GIVES A SHIT?! HE REFORMED MEGADETH!

Yes, he broke up, then came back with a new line up of the two bros, Glen (guitarist) and Shawn (drummer) Drover, and James MacDonough. They also realesed The System Has Failed, but not necessarily with the same people. They toured and start to get back into the MEGADETH WILL KICK METALLICA'S ASS effort.

Oh yeah, MacDonough left, and then he got James Lomenzo. Because of personal differences. Riiiiiiight...

United Abominations (2007)

So the band went to working on the new album, and truth be told, this was the album that proved that Megadeth knew how to bang groupies and kill your eardrums within minutes. A Tout le Monde got remade from Youthanasia and made it better (for me), Washington is Next was the best song made in 2007 in Japan...what?

Japan + Washington is Next!= a plan to destroy the USA

Anyways, Sleepwalker got featured in video game and finally, Gears of War was made FOR a video game (and it's really awesome whenever you get a headshot. GORE FTW!) and

So after touring, Glen left the band to focus really on family, which could've disappointed Shawn, however they got Chris Broderick, which I like to call steroid version or Marty Friedman 2.0 (now with 60% less intention of playing pop music!).

Endgame and now (2009-2010)

I can't really explain this. They recorded, they kicked ass, and they were nominated for a grammy, and ONCE AGAIN, he didn't win...

And yet, Tom Araya wins one... motherfucking Slayer...

Mustaine however had appeared in other people's songs mainly to help out. Meanwhile, Lomenzo had decided he wanted to leave the band (don't know the given reason why...) but guess who came back into the band! DAVID ELLEFSON! After letting bygones be bygones, he rejoined the band DURING THE RUST IN PEACE TOUR! This meant that Old Megadeth fans would be really fuckin' happy. Now if only Menza wasn't a druggie (crystal meth can do a lot to you...) and if Friedman wasn't so interested in Pop...

I still blame you.

Where is he now?

Touring. Why would you ask that? They're TOURING.

Or apparantly selling pancakes...

But I digress. Anyway, he is still touring but he says that he's creating a new song for Guitar hero. It's called Sudden Deth. Yes. Guitar Hero.

And then all of a sudden, Dave Mustaine almost got shot by the Guitar Hero Fame whore.

Interesting fact: Feud between DAVE VS. DAVE!

What happened was that Ellefson had sued Mustaine for a cut of the profits that Megadeth made but the court ruled it in Mustaine's favor, leading to Mustaine COUNTERsuing Ellefson.

Wow, so whoever said that Money is the root of all problems, he's correct.

Fuck you man! This is all your fault!