Butch Walker

A tainted angel who feels that love is a tug of war between being for sale and not being enough. He is currently in group therapy.


Just The Facts

  1. Butch has no relation to the beloved character from Back to the Future
  2. Walker is a glam rocker from the defunct hair metal band "SouthGang"
  3. He is now a hipster, forever running from his past.

More On the Man

Butch Walker started out as a hair metal guitarist from Georgia. After the rest of the band went on to sell mobile phones and teach children to sing hymns, Butch went through want can only be described as his "Bryan Adams meets post-surgery Michael Jackson" phase.

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice.

Butch now writes and performs songs by and for girls in their early to late teens. In his spare time, he and his mngmt control social networking websites for personal gain.

Screenshot provided by a concerned citizen.