Ground Zero Mosque

After agreeing to become to editor of the Cracked Topic "Ground Zero Mosque" I quickly came to the realization that the "Ground Zero Mosque" is not necessarily a funny topic... which leaves me in quite the pickle. Just remember this, I love you all.

A mosque.

Ground Zero.

According to google search. This is relevant to

Just The Facts

  1. "This is not a mosque, it's a community center" - Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf
  2. The Manhattan Community board 1 voted 29-1 in favor of building a mosque near to the site of ground zero, Nine members abstained from voting.
  3. Some people are upset about it.
  4. Some people are not.

Location, location, location

As we all know, 9/11 was a tragedy for America and served to drive a wedge firmly between Americans (maybe) and the muslim community (possibly). The outrage amongst victims' families is understandable over the plans to build a mosque and cultural center just two blocks from ground zero. However, we have to look at this nugget of information and then apply it - this is not a 'ground zero mosque' it is the 'two blocks from ground zero mosque' which is slightly less insensitive. Slightly. But then I'm not one to tell people what to think.


Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf - author of "What's right with Islam is what's right with America" and Chairman of the Cordoba Institute has appeared on about a gazillion news and opinion shows since the announcement of this 'ground zero mosque', the most controversial issue of this mosque according to some (all) right wing commenters is the funding of this project.

It is estimated that this is a $100 million project, and the obvious fears is over where the funding is coming from, opposition is worried that it is a "trojan horse rolling into sacred ground" under the guise of a community center and that the money for such a project is coming from terrorist organizations. According to Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the majority of funding for purchasing the property (previously a Burlington Coat Factory) came from members of the muslim community and all the funding is Sharia compliant.

But what's $100 million between friends?

According to Rauf

"If this was a taunt, we wouldnt have gone to the community to vote, we would have gone ahead regardless as there are no zoning laws in the area preventing a mosque from being built".

According to Beck

"It's a slap across the face"

The Prophet Mohammed (not pictured) deals out the pain

I listened to this to get that.

I now hate my life.

Thanks a lot guys.


Final Thoughts

"It's like a woman cutting off a man's penis and then coming back to tattoo her name on the hole"

True. If your penis was 500ft long.