Tylenol Recall

Thus far, 2011 has bred many great things. While the production of yet another Nicolas Cage movie (Jesus Christ when will they end?) may've put the Tylenol recall to the blind side, I'm here with the facts.

Before Tylenol

After Tylenol

Just The Facts

  1. Nearly exactly a year after the first recall in 2010, Tylenol took it's products off the shelves. There must be something in the air.
  2. Johnson and Johnson decided to screw themselves by recalling their products because of a lousy inadequately documented cleaning record. It's not like we care if our medication is clean.

You mean this wasn't a one time thing?

The first Tylenol recall incident was in 1982. After seven people died, Johnson & Johnson discovered cyanide in it's painkillers. They use that shit to control opossums in New Zealand, you know. I point the finger of blame or shame or whatever it's called these days to the Newfies (or the opossums).

Click to see an adorable puppy. NOT!

The other three recalls have happened in the past year. The first and third - which happened in January 2010 and 2011 - were voluntary because Tylenol realized what a plethora of crap they would get to their name when the public found out about their opossum filled factories. Maybe that was two different topics. Regardless, their medication stirring, pill pumping warehouse wasn't close to godliness. They took they're products of the shelf and - hopefully - gave the floor a sweep.

The second nullification (yes, I looked that up in the thesaurus) occurred this past April, after inspectors found thick dust and grime covering certain equipment, a hole in the ceiling and duct tape-covered pipes at the Fort Washington, Pennsylvania. Erlack.

Anyways, I hope all is good in the medication department these days and that none of you have turned into opossums. I'm starting to regret my choice in picking a toad to represent you after tylenol. If I wasn't so lazy I would change it. Happy painkilling!