The Rock

I'm guessing this topic is about Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. I don't know much about him so I'm going to write about something else.

No, not this.

This. Whoops...

Well, live and learn.

Just The Facts

  1. "The Rock" is a 1996 action film set on Alcatraz Island.
  2. It was directed by Michael Bay and starred Sean Connery, Nicholas Cage and Ed Harris
  3. It's also fucking awesome.


There are several reasons this movie is so awesome, one is that Sean Connery is in it, and nothing he ever does is bad.


OK but Sean Connery is usually pretty badass, as this next picture will prove...

Well that picture didn't work so heres a different one...

Did it work?


Secondly there's Nicholas Cage reprising his role as craziest guy in the fucking movie.