Hair Color

Some say the colour of your hair is a window into your personality and says a lot about you as a person, look below for a list of these "claims" and see where you fit in.

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Just remember one colour is usually enough

Just The Facts

  1. A number of stereotypes exist about hair colour almost all of these are bull shit
  2. the author of this page is english and spells colour with a U deal with it
  3. the author of this page is a brunette which also has a U in it coincidence?

The science

According to wikipedia "Hair colour is the pigmentation of hair follicles due to two types of melanin, eumelanin and pheomelanin. Generally, if more melanin is present, the color of the hair is darker; if less melanin is present, the hair is lighter."

Basically one chemical makes your hair lighter the other makes it darker, this is also dependant on the colour of your skin as it affects the level of these chemicals. The author was kind enough to put this in a format cracked readers can relate to.

Now thats just a really broad overview your hair colour is actually a massive genetic lottery just like every other feature you have. It's simpler compared to say judging an unborn babys future height or wang length, it's basically a matter of reccessive and dominant genes if your really interested read this, or if your bored try calculating your childrens eye colour.

which is best

The colour of your hair is something you have absolutley no control over, so saying one hair colour is better than another is retarded and downright offensive. Think about it this way "I think its totally better to be white, strait and male" not only would this statement get you beaten half to death in most areas of society it's a bunch of traits no one has any control over.

Remember you are all unique, erm just like everyone else yay!

However its perfectly fine to find one hair colour more attractive than another, thats called an opinon and opinions prevent you from making meaningful human contact being told your wrong. Just look at the following transcript from an actual youtube comments section.

Xxw33DloVaxX: The Xbox 360 is way better than the ps3

Idiot fanboy: you fukin microsoft whore, go suk ur red ring if bil gates cok isnt in ther first Lulz fag

Now look at the change if you express that this view is an opinion not a fact.

Friendswithbenidict: In my opinion the 360 is a better choice of console

Rockdude132: I my self prefer the ps3 due to its bluray function but kudos to you on making a purchase your happy with :)

See what a difference that makes in that totally not made up scenario, the same applies to hair colour saying one is better than another is offensive, saying you prefer one over another is totally ok. As the above example shows you will never be attacked for your opinion especially on the internet.

Pictured: the internet