El Duce

EL DUCE was the vocalist/drummer for the "rape rock" band THE MENTORS. Sexist pig, scumbag, or misunderstood softy? Come with us as we try to answer these and other questions.

The picture of American Values...

MOM!!! The babysitter's here!!!!

Just The Facts

  1. EL DUCE was born Eldon Hoke on March 23rd, 1958 in Seattle, WA...
  2. The PMRC was formed, in part, as a response to the sexist/pornographic lyrics of THE MENTORS...
  3. It is widely rumored that EL DUCE was hired as a de facto assassin by Courtney Love to murder her husband, Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain...
  4. EL DUCE died April 19th, 1997 in Riverside, CA. He was hit by a train.

The Eighties...

Officially speaking, The Mentors began their depraved career in the late 70's, but didn't write, record, or tour for their first record until 1981. Hailing from the Pacific Northwest is a manly legacy, as anyone from the area can attest. This is perhaps the reason for their sexist lyrics and worldview. Releasing 3 albums between '81 and '85, the crew remained largely ignored by rock critics and fans alike. They did, however, build a (un)healthy cult following that remains firmly rooted to this day. They did gain some minor notoriety in the mid-eighties, as they were brought to the attention of ubercunt Tipper Gore and her Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC). They, along with the likes of Frank Zappa, Dee Snider, and Mr. 'Sunshine On My Goddamned Shoulders" John fucking Denver, The Mentors cemented their place in the annals of history as crusaders for free speech. It made little difference, however, as censorship comes in many forms. This includes little black and white stickers on the covers of "offensive" albums. But El and The Mentors kept on a-rollin'...

After the Eighties...

Despite three albums between '85 and '90 and a slew of touring, things were relatively quiet for The Mentors until El Duce's appearance on The Jerry Springer Show. On the show, El was in classic form: rape advocacy, combative, and all-around assholery. The following clip is his appearance:

Wow, at this point, we're thinking those Parental Advisory stickers just MAY be a good idea.

Life rolled on much as it always had for El. We won't bore you with all the minute details, but it should be noted that shortly before his appearance in the documentary Kurt & Courtney, he was allegedly approached by Courtney Love. It seems that Courtney Love was unsatisfied in her marriage to grunge icon Kurt Cobain. Why you ask, with all that charisma and sex appeal? We can only speculate. But we know that when WE think assassination, we think the king of sleaze rock. Here is his Kurt & Courtney interview with Nick Broomfield:

What a well-spoken GENTLEMAN!!!

During this time, Hoke spent a considerable amount of time writing and recording with the Florida thrash titans Gardy-Loo! He remained a member of this outfit until his death, but did very little touring with them.

Aaaaaaaaaaand.... DEATH!!!

Eldon Hoke was killed in Riverside, CA. by a train on April 19th, 1997 while drunk.

One of THESE...

Yeah, you heard me. He was hit by a fucking train!!! Still, as legendary a death as this may be, the circumstances surrounding this particular choo-choo fatality are suspicious. He wasn't NEARLY as mangled as one may suspect. In fact, he was laid neatly on the tracks as if in his own bed. The case is now officially closed, but the conspiracy theories chugga-chugga-chugga on...




  • Stool Sample (1993, Self-Released)
  • Perverts On Parade (1997, Off the Records)
  • Socially Unacceptable (2001, Crook\'d Records)



  • Get Up and Die (1983)
  • Mentors Fuck Movie (1987)
  • A Piece Of Sinema (1990)
  • The Wretched World of The Mentors (1990)
  • Mentors Tour De Max '91 (1991)
  • El Duce: The Man, The Myth, The Video (1993)
  • Mentors - El Duce Vita (2007)