Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington r serious actor. He can play an asshole cop, an asshole bodyguard, and/or an asshole train switching station operator.

He even smiles like an asshole.

He can also look somewhat concerned.  Like an asshole.

Who the fuck is this guy?

Just The Facts

  1. Women cream when Denzel smiles at them.
  2. He has won three Golden Globes and Two Oscars.
  3. He has been in 40 movies since 1981 and numerous low budget / films before that.
  4. None of this makes him any less of an asshole.

Why Your Woman Will Leave You For Denzel

His face is perfectly symmetrical according to Time Magazine and Newsweek. Your hair lipped visage is no comparison. He has more money than Jesus (he was rich right?) and is internationally famous. Because he is African American, he also probably has a bigger dick than you. You do the math.


While filming the 1995 film Virtuosity, Washington refused to kiss his white female co-star, Kelly Lynch, during a romantic scene between their characters. During an interview, Lynch stated that while she wanted to, "Denzel felt very strongly about it. I felt there is no problem with interracial romance. But Denzel felt strongly that the white males, who were the target audience of this movie, would not want to see him kiss a white woman." Lynch further stated, "That's a shame. I feel badly about it. I keep thinking that the world's changed, but it hasn't changed quick enough."[8] A similar situation also occurred during the filming of The Pelican Brief when Julia Roberts expressed in an interview her desire to have her character in the film engaged in a romantic relationship with Washington's character.

I stole this directly from Wikipedia, if you cannot tell. If it is true it only confirms what I have always suspected.

Denzel Washinton is an Asshole

See above for internet 'proof' or just watch a couple of his movies, or one of his interviews, or go hide in the bushes outside his home and see for yourself.