Top 5 Coolest Comic Characters (You've Never Heard Of)

Everybody knows Batman and Spiderman, but these are superheroes and villains that you probably don't know. Unless you are a real comic reader, probably won't know the following.

SnowFlame-Honorable mention

Lobo-Honorable mention

#5-Professor Zoom

Most every hero has a villain that has powers and/or a costume extremely close to theirs. Most are cool, like Bizarro, Sinestro, and Black Manta. Then, there are half-assed cold war creations like Crimson Dynamo:

He's Russia's Iron Man

Meet Professor Eobard Thawne, criminal scientist of the future. One day, Thawne found a time capsule with something inside it that would change him forever.

An upcoming biopic

Inside this capsule was the costume of the long-dead silver age Flash, Barry Allen:

This one.

With the power of science, Prof Thawne made sure that as long as he was wearing the costume, he would have superspeed. However, there was a side effect. The machine changed the costume's color, and instead of just being an evil Flash, Thawne became Professor Zoom:

Want some candy, kid?

Ho. Ly. Crap. That guy is crazy looking. And this "reverse-flash" isn't like Bizarro, who always loses. No, Professor Zoom actually managed to find out Flash's identity and KILL HIS WIFE. Years, later, when Zoom attempted to kill Flash's new fiancee, he intervened. How? BY CLOTHESLINING ZOOM SO FAST THAT IT SNAPS HIS NECK.

That's right, a superhero, a member of the Justice League, was able to be angered to MURDER by Professor Zoom. That's enough to earn Professor Zoom the seal of badass:


#4-The Red Tornado

One salty morning in the silver age, a fat guy decided to put a bucket on his head and call himself the Red Tornado:

In a never-ending battle for longer buffet hours.

After Crisis on Infinite Earths, in which hundreds of golden age and silver age characters were erased. This allowed for a new Red Tornado, an created by mad scientist William Morrow:


For a long time, it was assumed that Morrow had simply installed Red Tornado with tornado making machines in his hands and his legs. Comic fans more easily suspend their disbelief, you see. However, some editors and fans alike didn't accept it. so, Red Tornado was revealed to be a shell for a freaking AIR ELEMENTAL. That's pretty damn impressive. Although the elmental has been ripped out of Reddy and replaced, it's now there forever, and Red Tornado is just gonna keep being awesome.


In 1980, Dave Micheline, a writer at Marvel, decided that he wanted to create an enemy of the Avengers that could take them all on at once. Enter George Perez, an amazing artist who could (and still can) draw up to 100 characters on one page, and still keep them detailed. This talent created some of the most memorable and awesome battle scenes in comics history:


George and Dave created one of the best Marvel villains of the 80's, Taskmaster:

I brought all my stuff! Like in Deadliest Warrior!!

Ok, so he looks like a KKK member if he went out for Halloween, but that's not the badass thing. He may look like he's overloaded with crap, but he's just as trained as the Mossad with each one. He quite literally held his own against each of the Avengers with THEIR weapons. What's ol' Tasky up to now? Not much, just fighting DEADPOOL:


As I've said, Thanos is awesome. He's an intergalactic TITAN who uses a gauntlet with UNLIMITED POWER to kill EVERYTHING IN THE UNIVERSE SO THAT HE CAN WIN A DATE WITH DEATH. Thanos is one of the most badass villains in the Marvel universe:

So THIS is the force behind that hand in the new War of the Worlds movie poster.

Every time this guy is announced as the villain in something, geeks get excited, and for good reason. The very idea of fighting Thanos makes most characters quake in their spandex. Hell, the only way he was killed was when he had his energy drained by a rival. Check out his last words:

Not exactly easy to say...considering no heart.....

Thanos gets the seal of awesome (see Professor Zoom).


Some of you may have heard of Deadpool. In a little movie called "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," he looked like this:

And he's married to Scarlett Johansson

Not bad for an origin tale. Too bad by the end he looked like this:

Basically, Baraka from Mortal Kombat+The Terminator=Deadpool from the Wolverine movie

Yeah, that didn't go that well with fans of the character who were expecting this:


While Rob Liefeld may have originally drew Deadpool, he's not responsible for the amazing personality of the character. Putting it simply, Deadpool is crazy. He's self aware of his status as a fictional character, he makes EVERYTHING HE DOES over the top, and he's HI-LARIOUS. Hopefully the upcoming movie includes the all these things. Hopefully.