Dirty Jobs

Dirty Jobs chronicles the adventures of Mike Rowe as he tours the country, looking for hardworking men and women doing the kinds of jobs that make civilized life possible for the rest of us.

It took a team of experts 8 months to clean off all the dirt and make this photo possible.

Just The Facts

  1. Dirty Jobs are everywhere, just take a look around.
  2. They're down the street, or up the stairs or, even underground.
  3. It is cheaper, faster, and arguably more humane to castrate goats with your teeth.

Mike's Mission

We like to think we're living in a post-history future. It may be a little more post-apocalyptic than we'd hoped for, but we've got the robots and the lasers to prove we've moved beyond the lessons. The truth is this is still a world of hard realities, where if you're going to succeed you need to be willing to get a little dirty. It's too easy for us to think ourselves removed from the benefits of honest work; we've practically lulled ourselves into a dream world of technology.

Mike Rowe is the man to give us a wake up call.

Mike originally started with a segment for a San Francisco television program called Somebody's Gotta Do It. People were so horrified and entertained that he sent a demo tape (feature artificial insemination of cows) to Discovery Channel, who managed to stop vomiting long enough to commission a show based on the concept.

The basic format of the show is this: Mike and his crew show up to a job site suggested by his fans. He becomes an apprentice for a day, doing the same job under the same conditions. The jobs are wide ranging, going all the way from artificially inseminating a cow to artificially inseminating a turkey. In between you'll find enough dirt to choke on.

Dirty Jobs has been airing for five seasons so far, featuring over 120 absolutely disgusting jobs. Why does Mike put up with this? Because he believes in the value of hard work, and is dedicated to telling the dirty stories of the people who really grease the wheels of civilization.

Dirty Moments

Artificial Cow Insemnation

Turkey Insemnator