Clothing That Sometimes Make You Look Like An Idiot

Clothes are fun. They let you express yourself and look fly for the ladies. But sometimes, things can go very wrong. Let's take a look at some clothes than can really make you look like a douche bag.

The last pic this guy ever took after the grim reaper behind him hacked him into little pieces and stole his coat......

Just The Facts

  1. Clothing of the opposite sex was not made for you. Would you take a guy seriously who was wearing a skirt?
  2. Just because you're a lesbian doesn't mean you look good in suit. Quite the opposite, you look like shit.
  3. Low rise jeans aren't for you if you A)have a hairy ass, or B) You're rocking the beer gut.


Fur is great, but not in every situation. There's always some guy who shows up to the party in a fur coat, telling you how much it cost, what it's made of and that its 'a good investment." That is usually followed by something like "Did you see the game last night, Kobe was on fire," because he feels like he needs to remind you that hes not gay for the tenth time tonight. And he's right. He isn't gay, just his coat.


"No, I'm not gay, and this cup totally isn't modeled after the head of a penis."

Skinny Jeans

If your waist size is double digit then there is no such thing as skinny jeans for you. At that point they become tight jeans that could possibly lead to foot amputation because of your fat ass ankles. Wearing skinny jeans requires at least one thing: Being skinny! Fatty's aren't the only ones to abuse these jeans.

Check these fine young gentlemen out. These guys are at the pinnacle of fashion. Not only do their shoes match their jeans, but check out the tummy tat! One question: What the fuck is that white guy doing? Probably holding back his huge boner brought on by matching pants with various accessories.

Anything the Olsen Twins Wear

Two of the wealthiest people in Hollywood love to dress like shit. In Hollywood, i'ts cool to look poor, why wear Jimmy Choo's when you can stab a hobo in a dark alley and take his piss pants and flip flops. Eveyone knows it's cool to wear your Grandmas nightgown and a tablecloth as a scarf, as long as you drive away in a Mercedes. Sometimes called vintage fashion, ask yourself why it went out of style in the first place. Check out this vintage beauty, only $30 grand.