Career Suicide

This take so many lives (as actors), and is a sad sad thing.

The newest victim of this tragedy.

Yeah, remember this, REMEMBER THIS?!?!

Just The Facts

  1. Career Suicide is when an actor/actress who does good/mediocre movies does a total fucking 180 and does horrible movies.
  2. And yes, no one who does Career Suicide is safe, because when one actor goes down in the movie, all the others in it do too.
  3. This is very sad to see so many great actors/actresses be taken like this.

The First Shocking Attempt

You know Clint Eastwood? Cause if you don't I will reach my hand out of this computer screen and smack you. Because Clint Eastwood is awesome. Clint Eastwood is the man. And Clint Eastwood can kick your ass.

You really wanna fuck with this guy?

He did movies like Dirty Harry, The Good The Bad and The Ugly, Escape from Alcatraz, he even made a movie called Pink Cadillac tough, and that's pretty damn hard. Yeah he was the man back in the day, then came the year 1995, when he tried TWICE.

Okay, maybe not that tough

The first movie was something called, "The Bridges of Madison County," where Eastwood plays the most badass role...a fucking photographer. Yeah, this guy who did a badass cowboy who does anything he wants, is now a photographer who fall in love with a girl, which is okay if THE WHOLE FUCKING MOVIE IS IT CENTERED AROUND IT! This is Clint Eastwood we're talking about, not Nicolas Sparks' new movie about some guy meeting a girl and something happens and it's all sad but soon it turns good and they live happily ever after (because those all suck). Next was Casper, yes Casper. But thankfully it was quick, just appering quick enough to not be sucked into thinking Mr. Magoo sounded like a good movie

Seriously though, that movie sucked.

Since then though, his career is not suicidal anymore, being in movies like Million Dollar Baby, Gran Torino, and Invictus. But afterwards, more came about.......

The Other Succesful Attempts

To my understanding, there were 3 actors, George Lopez, The Rock, and Jackie Chan, who are all very mediocre. George Lopez first started being on a mediocre show, The George Lopez Show, where mexican stereotypes are hilarious. Then someone gave him the bright idea of doing movies, so he did, and later promptly commited career suicide, when he made Balls of Fury, then Tortilla Heaven, where again mexican stereotypes are hilarious, and then Beverly Hills Chihuahua, yeah, that movie


Then there was The Rock, who was, also, mediocre. But he did do two movie that were actiony. The Scorpion King, which rocked, and Doom, which sucked balls. Then someone apparently said, "Hey, you should do crappy kids movies!" And he said, "Okay." Then spawned The Game Plan, Planet 51, Get Smart, Race to Witch Mountain, and the infamously bad, The Tooth Fairy. Oh god I shiver at the thought that this was before THe Rock, the fucking Rock....what a shame.


And the newest victim, Jackie Chan, which was kind of a decline to the final straw. Once upon a time, he was actually a great kung-fu master, in movies like Rumble in the Bronx and Police Story, and other good, mediocre, or horrible action movies, then came Rush Hour, with the annoying Chris Rock, yeah, this guy.

Chris Rock has been known to seduce and suck the comedy of his victims.

It was pretty good, and made some good moneyz. Then Hollywood thought he is a comedy god, and starred in nothing but comedies mostly. And all were shit. The Tuxedo, The Rush Hour Sequels, Rob-B-Hood (look it up), Kung Fu Panda (even though that was okay), and the monstrousity The Spy Next Door. How come since one movie shows him as a funny chineseman, they suddenly think they can put him in any movie, and he'll make it funny? God that would suck. Oh hey, what if he did something really retarded, like a Karate Kid remake, haha, that'll never happen, he's too smart for that!