Batman And Robin

Batman and Robin are one of the most famous superhero teams ever. They are known as "The Caped Crusaders," and "The Dynamic Duo." Batman and Robin is also the name of a gay bondage film directed by Joel Schumacher.


Just The Facts

  1. Batman and Robin have been together in one embodiment or another since 1940.
  2. Batman is awesome. He can fight, has a bat-gadget for every bat-occasion, and is the greatest detective in the world.
  3. Robin is not


For those of you living on the moon for the last 70 years, Batman is the most bad ass fucking superhero on the planet. He is in fact, so bad that he rubs shoulders with, and commands respect from the most super powered beings in existence. He does this without the benefit of laser vision, freeze breath, power ring, or hammer with a strange name. He demands respect because he is at the peak of human condition and intellect. Oh, and he has billions of fucking dollars to develop the most hardcore weapons known to man, which come in handy with all the different shit a Batman faces:

Bruce Wayne is the original, and most famous Batman. He is an electronics genius, and a billionaire playboy. Think of him as a cross between Hugh Hefner, and Bill Gates.

Jean-Paul Valley is the second, and least popular Batman. He took up the role of Batman while Bruce Wayne was recovering from a broken back suffered at the hands of Bane.

Dick Grayson is the first Robin and current Batman. He is not completely horrible, but he is just not Bruce Wayne.


Dick Grayson is the original Robin as stated earlier. He later abandoned the role and took up the moniker of Nightwing. He is also the current Batman.

Jason Todd was the second and most hated Robin. He was in fact so hated that readers that voted through a 1-900 number to have him terminated. The Joker took care of this by beating him with a crowbar and then blowing him up.

Tim Drake was the third Robin. He is still active as the Red Robin.

Stephanie Brown was the fourth Robin. She is also the only female to take on the role. She stopped being Robin because she was spending too much time fighting crime, and not enough time making sammiches.

Damien Wayne is the fifth, and most badass Robin to date. He is original Batman Bruce Wayne's son. His mother is Talia al Ghul, the daughter of one of Batman's greatest enemies. So bascally, the kid playing Robin now grew up from and infant being trained in the various ways of killing people. This is a far cry from the original Boy Wonder.

Batman and Robin (movie)

Holy Bat-Nipples! This movie would have been a total flop if it wasn't for the oscar-worthy acting performance of one man. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Using a plethora of ice puns he manages to turn this would be flop into Hollywood gold. Here is a collection of those afforementioned puns. Prepare to be dazzled: