In case you weren't alive in the 90's which would suck if thats true, then you don't know about 'N Sync. Basically, one of the biggest pop acts of the late 90's pop music craze.

Nothing like Lighting to direct the eye towards the crotch.

We're cute boys with puppies. All middle school lockers are now ours!

In 1999, this was what girls could not get enough of.

Just The Facts

  1. Were super marketed and which brought much scorn upon by the people who were not 11-16 years old.
  2. Still have the record for the most sold albums in a week (2.1 million).
  3. Seriously though, some of the songs were awesomely catchy.

Cracked on 'N Sync

We here at Cracked enjoy a nice soothing melody, especially if a group of young male dancers are allowed to frolic throughout the song. Since the boy band fit all of these groups snugly, we happily allow them among us.

Snugly, indeed.

That being said, We are Cracked and since we make fun and question everything, how could we not knock something so many people loved, or loved to hate?

Why should I know them?

While there has been many vocal groups/boy bands/pop acts that annoy most men (aka men who don't want to get with pop-music loving girls in high school); *Nsync has done something many of the others haven't. They stopped making music and haven't had reunions (The Jacksons, New Edition) or staying together longer then necessary (Boy II Men, Color Me Badd, Backstreet Boys). This small step has kept some of their hard core fan base willing to wait out and see if that day will happen.

Too easy to mock?

You: If they pop music fodder why doesn't everyone mock them?

Me: Well, its quite easy.

1) They haven't done anything together in over 6 years.

2) They may have many a lame group photo--

--and odd songs but compared to most of the music out now its like listening to something halfway decent even for the people who used to hate them, can now at least tollerate it.

3) Have you heard Willow Smith's "Whip my hair"? That song alone proves how much the music business is grasping at crap to stick at a wall.