Dora the Explorer Illegal Immigrant

Dora is a little obnoxious explorer. First and foremost, where are her parents? Did border patrol pick them up and she was the only one who got away? Why is she so happy all the time? For someone who is an immigrant and homeless, she sure is happy!

what the hell are you so happy about? all you have in life is this little monkey..

Space can be sexy!

poor little illegal Dora..

Just The Facts

  1. Why does she have that horrible haircut? It looks like a bowl on her head...
  2. A little girl such as Dora should bever be alone with only jungle animals and her cousin to keep her safe.creepy.
  3. No little girl can explore that much shit she explores.. unfathomable,. who is this bitch kidding?

Seems kind of fishy to me..

When little Dora (what the hell is her last name anyway?) was brought into this world via the smart people of Nickelodeon, she was given every oppurtunity as the rest of us; to wander freely, talk to weird animals that talk back to her, explore rugged and mountainous terrain of whererever the hell she wants, and to pull all sorts of crap out of her backpack. Hell she even makes little explorers out of your little bastards! Nicekoldeon figured it would branch out and give their line up a "Lation character who can reach out to girls".. Well what about Handy Manny, (now he is fucking rad with his talking tools!). Is Handy Manny not good enough? Or did Nickelodeon feel they had to do one better then this? Is Dora better because she says "Hola!"?.. Shut up Dora.. Go away.. I mean how in the hell is this show for kids anyway?

Let me get to my next point of how she is freinds with a damn fox that steals shit. His name is friggin Swiper. It was proably Swiper that got her in trouble and resisted arrest. Thats why Dora got that black eye and fat lip. With freinds like that who in the hell needs enemies? Did you get to see that little bandit mask he wears? Chirst is he robbing a bank? keep that shit up Dora.. you might end up like these guys..

Dora, being of Spanish decent, and a female has to work a little bit harder to get where she wants to be in this world, but don't we all? Hey, look I am all for the well being of women, and women who are immigrants too. I applaud them for their hard work to make something of themselves. But what does this little brat contribute to society? Handy Manny and Diego contributue a plenty! They don't yell and bitch and moan and tell me what to do, now do they? No.. I dont think so either. Handy Manny goes to work, fixes and bulids crap. He can fix the Blues Clues house! See, thats useful..Dora you do not contribute. get a job!

Now, lets be honest here.. Dora does have a ton of crap in that backpack. I mean shes like what, 5 or something? What in the hell does a 5 year old need all that shit in a back back for? Food, water, life support,. shoes, clothing, (no matter what weather it is) a ladder (what the fuck does she need that shit for?), a space suit, (really?), a grappling hook,. semi automatic weapon, mace, a pair of brass knuckles, red lipstick, high heels, a toothbrush, some jagermiester (for swiper, he looks like he drinks), rope, glue, a house maybe? How does all this crazy shit fit in her backpack? What is she smuggling with that backpack of hers?

These boots were made for kicking ass.. Don't mess with this illegal explorer.

every girl needs her lipstick.. stun gun that is.. shes armed. and very dangerous..