Fuel Efficient Vehicles

Fuel Efficient Vehicles make people think that if they buy them, they will be "Environmentally Friendly". In actuality, they just look like dicks.

Please refer to this chart for all future Prius decisions


Just The Facts

  1. The main reason people buy priuses is to help save the environment.
  2. People who buy priuses are eco-friendly dicks.
  3. Nobody buys anything other than priuses, because other cars just look like cars.
  4. BONUS FACT: Prius sounds like Penis. Ergo, Prius = Dick.

Why People Buy Priuses

Some People think that buying hybrids and then putting eco-friendly vanity plates (ERTH-SAVR, GOODMPG) on them makes them clever, or funny. Reasoning that if they see how clever they are, that you can spread the cleverness around, and save the earth.

A study shows that 57% of people buy priuses "to make a statement".

That statement is that they are "non-conformist, because they are buying a mass-produced japanese car"

Vegetable Oil Cars

Some people convert their old cars to run on McDonald's Fryilator grease. This just pisses people off because it smells like hamburgers, and makes them hungry.