Codename: Kids Next Door

Codename: Kids Next Door was a popular, long running animated series on Cartoon Network. You wanted to be these kids when you were a kid. You wanted to be like the kid CIA. You did.

This prick is Numbuh One, the head of the five person sector the show revolves around. He's a prick.

This is them. You want to be them, you do. And they make a rainbow. Sweet.

Just The Facts

  1. KND is set in America, though one character is Australian and another is British. The rest are black, asian, and fat.
  2. A good 80% of episodes are great. The rest have musical numbers and suck ass.
  3. These kids are so fucking cool.


KND revolves around Sector V, the local branch of the worldwide Kids Next Door organization. They fight adult tyranny. Somehow they have awesomet technology, including a base on the moon. They fight total badasses and lame ass bitches. Mostly the second one.

KND ended super well. It was totally fucking awesome, you gotta watch it.


Numbuh One: Nigel Uno (One/Uno, get it). He's the British leader of Sector V, and he's a total badass. Like, a James Bond. He's great. Ultimately, he joins the galaxy wide branch of the KND and sets off to end universal adult tyranny.

Numbuh Two: Hoagie Gilligan. The fat white kid who's smart and handy. He farts and is slow and eats odd foods. He's you, only he has cool friends and technology.

Numbuh Three: Kuki Sanban. She's the peppy asian chick. She's naive and loves Rainbow Monkeys, a teletubby-like stuffed animal line.

Numbuh Four: Wally Beetles. He's Australian, stupid, and a hothead. Least interesting character on the show.

Number Five: Abigail Lincoln. Token black member of the KND, Abbie is the most intelligent member of the team. She's well trained and level headed, and her sister is the leader of the evil teenage forces. Oh, and her dad is a racial parody of Bill Cosby.