The old Black Dog. Depression sucks - like an industrial vaccuum in overdrive.

Welcome to our world.

Just The Facts

  1. 40% of people will suffer depression at some stage in their lives.
  2. Most people survive it.
  3. Some don't.

Depression - how does it fucking work?

Feeling low? Stopped caring? Think both you and your life is a pile of shit? Stop listening to Justin Beiber. Did that help? No? Well, you just may have depression.

Recognising Depression

The most common symptom of depression is a feeling of worthlessness and a disinterest in most things, with once enjoyable activities no longer being pleasurable. Sort of like being a permanent emo teen, but with a much lower sex drive.

These symptoms include delusions or, less commonly, hallucinations, usually of an unpleasant nature. Other symptoms of depression include poor concentration and memory (especially in those with melancholic or psychotic features), withdrawal from social situations and activities, reduced sex drive, and thoughts of death or suicide.

Treatment of Depression