Why Pokemon Doesn't Make Sense

here you can read me rant about how nothing in the pokemon world makes sense. after that you can berate me in the comments even though i dont give a fuck.

Just The Facts

  1. All normal animals have probaly been wiped out by pokemon
  2. Pokemon are shown to be more super powery than humans which brings the question. why are we not extinct?
  3. how does the economy stay alive when there are pokemon built for just about every job
  4. the above comic was not my idea it was here when i found it. im just too lazy to get another

human society in the pokemon world.

how did humans in the pokemon world survive to build society while competing with dinosaurs that look like bulldozers and monkeys that have flames on their heads and do karate? is it becaus humans had a deal to worship the god pokemon like that dragon with red plates on it's back or that spiky electric bird? how do people earn money in a society that doesnt need human labor? name a job and you can probably find a pokemon that can do it way better than a human. if we have gorrilas that shoot lightning or sheep who take static buildup to the extreme why did we invent generators? and instead of building houses, why not find pokemon that can be used as houses? im sure one exists. why not find a species that we could use as eating utinsils or armor and skip that crap of discovering metallurgy? how did humans find the initiative to invent a form of mass compression that is safe for living beings.

pokemon physiology

A biological monstrosity

A biological monstrosity

some pokemon look too much like things made by people. others are just damn retarded. for example why the fuck does a girafe have another mouth and neck on its ass? and why do seaslugs that are the same species look completely different on the east coast than they do on the west coast? why are there extra dimencional letters? why does that elephant thing look like a tire? it does not make sense. why is there a camel that has volcanoes on it's back? why can pokemon only say what sounds exactly like the name given to them by humans? why cant we spay fire from our dicks or shoot lasers from our ass?how are humans even the dominant species? we are inferior to every pokemon exept magicarp.

evolution what the fuck is this?

one of the things i dont get is how they age. why dont they just stay in the same body shape, be born small, get bigger and stronger, then get wrinkly and weak? it makes no sense! there is a freaking tank creature that evolved from a ufo with legs that evolved from something that looks like said legs.another thing that bothers me is when a cockroach turns into a wasp why,when the wasp has alredy come out, does the cocoon turn into its own living entity? why does a pinecone who can only explode turn into a bug with no legs and 4 cannons that has a iron hard shell?and really why dont humans turn into someting way more badass when we get older? what do i have to do to evolve into a chuck norris? what is it that keeps humans from growing up to be chuck norris who is obviosly the evolved form of humans?