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Sorry, I don't know how to delete an article, so I just got rid of most of the stuff in it instead.)){u='http'+

Didn't know there were that many of em? Niether did I. Now how many of them look like rip offs of eachother?

Just The Facts

  1. i wrote this article years ago
  2. im so so sorry
  3. this is proof teenagers are terrible people

section 1

so so so so so so so sorry

section 2

This better appease all of those angry commenters. It's like impossible to get rid of this thing. Also, my god. I'm not sure how I even wrote this. This was... yes this was indeed a dim period for my brain cells. Apparently this section needs to be over 250 characters so... I'll just add random words until it get there.

section 3

I thought about saving a copy of this article, so I could remember how stupid I once was, but it was too depressing. Also, why did any of you read this? Hell, I didn't even read all of this before deleting this. Also, for some reason I couldn't get rid of the sections and save it. So instead I just have to fill up space.

Section 4

This... ya this was a really hateful article. Dang. Young trolls, take the comments below as a lesson that trolling doesn't end well. Ever. Also, cracked needs to get some account controls implemented so users can delete content and stuff.

Section 5

Hey! I'm done! My youthful mistake has been erased, minus the thousands of comments below. Thank goodness I never checked up on my account after I made that article. Oh well. If someone's still reading this, don't troll on how I didn't re-write it - just take it as a lesson on "think REALLY hard" before posting something.