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Sorry, I don't know how to delete an article, so I just got rid of most of the stuff in it instead.

Didn't know there were that many of em? Niether did I. Now how many of them look like rip offs of eachother?

Just The Facts

  1. i wrote this article years ago
  2. im so so sorry
  3. this is proof teenagers are terrible people

section 1

so so so so so so so sorry

section 2

This better appease all of those angry commenters. It's like impossible to get rid of this thing. Also, my god. I'm not sure how I even wrote this. This was... yes this was indeed a dim period for my brain cells. Apparently this section needs to be over 250 characters so... I'll just add random words until it get there.

section 3

I thought about saving a copy of this article, so I could remember how stupid I once was, but it was too depressing. Also, why did any of you read this? Hell, I didn't even read all of this before deleting this. Also, for some reason I couldn't get rid of the sections and save it. So instead I just have to fill up space.

Section 4

This... ya this was a really hateful article. Dang. Young trolls, take the comments below as a lesson that trolling doesn't end well. Ever. Also, cracked needs to get some account controls implemented so users can delete content and stuff.

Section 5

Hey! I'm done! My youthful mistake has been erased, minus the thousands of comments below. Thank goodness I never checked up on my account after I made that article. Oh well. If someone's still reading this, don't troll on how I didn't re-write it - just take it as a lesson on "think REALLY hard" before posting something.