Late Latin for "with out name". Often used to avoid being connected to sub-par or embarrasing works.

The best way to search for porn- anonymously.

aaaw, they're just joshin' ya! quit being a pussy.

Anonymous chicks. If only they all were.

Just The Facts

  1. Late Latin for "with out name".
  2. You can use it in place of your name if what you've produced sucked.
  3. The director of American History X, Tony Kaye, tried to remain anonymous from this film but utterly failed.

Who now?

Being anonymous is the best thing you can be when you dont want to be yourself, or when the self you are sucks. Famous people people have requested to remain anonymous when a project has flopped, or if they just dont like to recieve praise after having one too many peices of humble pie. And humble pie is horrible. Its like garlic and used douche water. How do I know this? Fuck you, thats how. This article is not anonymous, because Cam Cazi is great. Lets just leave that last part out.

Still Reading?

Why? Thats pretty much it. Go away now.

No, but seriously, anonymous is also the the malevolent internet force that exposes frauds, debunks bullshit, and drops dox on assholes with unwarranted self importance.